Friday, February 20, 2015


I started to buy silver jewelries aside from gold, lately.  I believe it is a wise investment to do this as long as I am working here in Saudi Arabia.  According to some silver suppliers in the world, the real value of any object from necklaces, bracelets, or rings made from silver is the pureness of this metal and its weight. In my place at Al-Khobar there are many shops who sells 925 silver jewelries.  925 means that you are getting a high quality from real silver made of 7% other metals, usually copper.  Most 925 silver jewelries are made from Italy.  I always make sure to buy silver jewelry with 925 stamp on it.
925 Silver Necklace
925 Silver Bracelet


  1. Makes me think if I should get myself a necklace :)

  2. Why not my friend? I believe wearing silver in the Philippines is much safer than wearing gold necklace. Hindi takaw sa hold-up:)