Thursday, December 30, 2010

To My Dearest Mother

Today is a very special day for our family.  A very special person is celebrating her 69th year of life which our Lord God had given her.  We all consider her the greatest gift God had given to us.  She is loving, compassionate, soft spoken, hardworking, and most of all kindhearted. The person I'm describing is no other than my dear mother.  I can no longer find any superlatives I can tell about her.  After raising seven children in her entire life, we are giving her back the special attention and care she deserves. I believe its our moral obligation to give her the love she had given us.  I'm a living witness of how my mother sacrificed her life to raised us to be a good and God fearing individual.  Without her, we don't exist here on earth. My only wish and prayers on her special day is to have God give her good health, stronger body, and more years to come of living here on earth.  To you my dearest Mom, Happy Birthday and I love you!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Faith makes all things possible,
Hope makes all things work,
Love makes all things beautiful,
May you have all the three for this Christmas.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Two Days Before Christmas

JVC DVD Portable System

SEBAGO Casual Marine Shoes

Two days before Christmas, I presented myself a gift for this special day.  Since, I'm living here in Saudi Arabia, Christmas is not being celebrated here. Just to feel the spirit of this important day among billions of Christians around the world, I to see to it to buy something new whether for my personal use or for my entertainment purpose.  I bought this morning a pair of original Sebago Casual Marine shoes at Al-Garawi Shoe Store in Al-Khobar worth SR300.  The shoes look nice and simple.  It's also comfortable to wear and most importantly, the quality is excellent.  Last night, I went to LULU Hypermart near to my apartment to buy some groceries.  I've chanced upon this JVC DVD Portable System at the 2nd floor of the electronics section of the hypermart. Although I have already my SONY Component System, I never hesitate to buy this cute JVC portable system.  To tell you the truth, I was attracted by the design and color of the unit. I considered the unit expensive for the price of SR499, compared to other brands that are displayed at the rack of the electronics section.  Apparently, my Christmas gift to myself is already complete, but I'm planning to buy a new gold ring after I received my salary this end of the month of December and also as a gift for the new year to come of 2011.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Food Trip During Winter Time in Saudi Arabia

Chicken Lunch Meal at Kudu

New York Steak at Friday's Al-Khobar, Corniche

Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza Inn, Farm 09, Al-Khobar

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lucky Bamboo Plant

I recently bought a lucky bamboo plant at Tammi Safeway along Al-Khobar Corniche.  This is to give more a green environment in my room. Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderina) is a houseplant.  Grown in glass or pots and not outside in a garden (usually).  This how the lucky bamboo plant looks like.

According to the website,, Lucky Bamboo as a house plant is one of the most striking and surprisingly one of the most easy as well. 

This easy to care for plant requires little from us to keep it growing.  And worst case scenario – it can even grow without natural lighting.  Yes, even in windowless office cubicles this plant can provide enjoyment by bringing in some of the rain forest to the concrete jungle that is home to thousands of office buildings.

Since I'm practicing Feng Shui, lucky bamboo is a plant that often takes a major part in this ancient art of directing energy throughout one’s home, work place and life.

Now I'm starting to take care of my lucky bamboo by giving them enough water to sustain the span of their life.  I even talked to then when I woke up in the morning and greets them when I enter my room  after work.  I suggest you try to grow a lucky bamboo plant in your room.  It will make you feel good.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Latest Collections


I bought recently a FESTINA Chronograph Bike Watch 2010 worth SR 1100. This is the latest collection from Festina with completely renewed style, even sportier look.  Festina watches became the official watches of Tour de France, the gruelling cross country bicycle held in July in France. Wow, this is most expensive watch so far I bought.  The watch is really that big and heavy which complements to my personality and built.  A very nice choice of watch, according to my colleagues in the office.

Eau De Toilette Pour Homme

Another perfume for man that I bought is the latest collection from Lacoste which is called CHALLENGE.  The perfume is not that strong but stays longer.  I like the scent and everybody in the office just love it. Besides the bottle is unique because it is inspired by the shape of a tennis racket handle. The bottle is encased in a black "soft touch" grip emblazoned with the Lacoste crocodile logo.

According to their website, Lacoste Challenge combines the immediate punchy vitality of its citrus and ginger aromatics with the depth richness and power of its woody base. A sense of casual elegance, destinated for all metropolitans with a playful spirit, captures the essence of self-assured and adventurous attitude of the modern Lacoste man. I recommend this perfume for every man on the go.  I just love it! The longer you wear it, the stronger you smell the scent.



I'm beginning to like Sperry Topsider shoes. They are really classy and comfortable to wear.  Besides the quality of the shoes are great and long lasting.  I bought recently this shoes for my running session in the morning during my rest days from work in addition to my Sperry Topsider ASV shoes I bought a month ago.  

According from their website, the shoes is Combining the Comfort and Support of Saucony's Marathon-Ready Athletic Shoes with the Traction and; Water Compatibility that has made Sperry Top-Sider Famous, the SB1070 Offers Boaters and; Fisherman the Best of Land and; Water Technologies

The following are the special features of the shoes.

Low Water Absorption Materials are Quick Drying
Dual-Density Compression Molded EVA Midsole Offers Shock Absorbtion & Stability
AEGIS™ Microbe Shield Protects Against Bacteria that Cause Odor
Removable Full-Length Molded Footbed Offers All Day, Underfoot Comfort
HRC® Forefoot Cushioning Through EVA Compound Provides Additional Cushioning
GRID® Patented Technology Provides Superior Cushioning &Stability
Arch Lock Offers Increased Stability and Arch Support
New Hydro-Grip™ Rubber Traction Compound is the Ultimate Performance Traction Outsole Compound
Non-marking Rubber Outsole with Quadro-Grip Wave-Siping™ for Ultimate Dry / Wet Traction & Added Stability

Friday, October 15, 2010

All In A Week's Time

In every personal things that I bought, I made sure it will be worthwhile, good quality and long lasting item for my own use.  I had realized that I need to treat myself in return for being a hardworking guy for the past months.  Working 6 days from 7AM to 7PM (12 hours) in the office and at maintenance department office, giving myself a gift is the best thing I can make myself happy.  All in a week’s time, I bought two pair of shoes, one fresh cologne for men and a surprise “pasalubong” from my boss who just came from Germany for a business trip.

A pair of Sperry-Topsider ASV (Anti Shock and Vibration) rubber shoes worth 340 Saudi Riyals to be used for my morning exercise and walk at Al-Khobar corniche every Thursday.

A pair of Red Wings casual shoes (brown color) worth 380 Saudi Riyals for my everyday use in the office in addition from my two Dexter casual shoes I’m using right now.

Since I’m a perfume lover, it will always be on my list to buy and try a different scent available in the market.  I had bought  S.T. Dupont Cologne for Men.  This woody, aromatic scent for men is fresh and bracing. Love to wear it as an alternate for my numerous perfume and cologne on my collections.

Finally, my boss had given me one big TOBLERONE Swiss Dark Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat, one box of Belgian Milk Truffles, one box of MasMoudi Patisserie, and one bottle of Wild-heidelbeere Konfiture ,, EXTRA" jam. 

Wow, thank God for these blessings.  It happened all in a week's time.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shades of Inspiration - Happiness

Four most important women in my life, my Mother & my Three Sisters (Happy Together)

Joyfulness keeps the heart and face young. 
A good laugh makes better friends with ourselves and everybody around.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid Mubarak To All Our Muslim Brothers

Today is the last day of the Holy Month of Ramadan, a time of worship and contemplation, which Muslims fast.  I wish Eid Mubarak to our all Muslim brothers and have a blessed eid with their families.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Shades of Inspiration - Success

Feelings may change, commitments do not. "Success is getting up one more time than you fall." I have often wanted to give up, and then I must think of myself about what consequences of giving up will be.  Generally, this is more than enough of a motivation to make us stick to the task at hand even if we don't feel like it.  When the task is achieved, WOW - IT FEELS GREAT! - Anonymous -

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ma. Venus Raj - You Made Us Proud as a Filipino

Although the Manila hostage drama that happened on August 23, 2010 was a black-eye to our country, on the positive side of the news was the 4th Runner-Up win of Ma. Venus Raj of the Philippines in the 59th Miss Universe Beauty Pageant held at Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, USA (August 23, USA time).  It took eleven years before a Filipina beauty won a top five place in the prestigious beauty pageant watched by millions of people all over the world. The last time the Philippines won a placed on the Miss Universe pageant was Mirriam Quiambao who won 1st Runner-Up in 1999 held at Trinidad & Tobago.  As for my personal opinion, Ma. Venus Raj should have won the Miss Universe title hands down if she did not made a blunder to that controversial "major, major problem" answer. But for me, she is a goddess of beauty.  A beauty with enormous class, intelligence, and glamour which represents a typical Filipina girl. At least at the day and moment of that shameful hostage drama that took place in Manila, a Filipina beauty somehow restored the respect we needed so badly as a Filipino people.  My heartfelt congratulations to Miss Ma. Venus Raj.  You made us proud as a Filipino.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Smile

A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they do not like you.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

At This Moment - 9:40PM

I feel so bored
Maybe it's because of the climate
So hot and humid outside
It affects my mood
It affects my thinking
And my reasoning.
I feel so tired
I want to rest for a while
After a day's hard work
Before I go to bed
I need to take a shower
To ease this boredom
Tonight, I need to dream
To fly and reach the stars.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Great Priceless Gift

I've just talked to my father and mother yesteday.  It was an emotional conversation indeed.  I know well what's going on.  It's very hard to explain but this is a moment that my father and mother are experiencing the most difficult times of their lives.  I considered this day a depressing moment in my life.  The sadness in me was very painful, I cannot explain it.  I pray to God that he takes care of my father and mother as I am miles away from them.  My mother told me as she hold back her tears that we can overcome these trials as God will provide us the strength to accept the reality of life no matter how painful it is.

Our parents are the great priceless gift given by God to everyone of us.  In this world there is someone who always think of us, who never tries to hurt us, who tries to sacrifice all their happiness, who tries to complete all our wishes.  Mom and Dad, I love you very much. For all these years I am humbled by your kindness and greatness as parents to us.  I know wherever you are, God will take care for both of you.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Climate Change

It's almost eight days now that very high humidity and very hot temperature is the weather condition in our area at Al-Khobar and Dammam.  It's very difficult to go outside even at night because you will perspire a lot even on a very short walk. Eighteen years I had been here in the Kingdom and I believed this is the worst I had experienced so far, due maybe of the climate change and global warming. There are some e-mails going on that temperature here in Saudi Arabia will reach as high as 70 degrees celsius in the coming months. I'm praying that this kind of weather temperature will not reach that high.  I hope God will do something to ease our sufferings from this worst condition so far.  Prayers, prayers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Picture of the Day

I was fascinated by this figurine displayed along a photoshop center at King Khalid Street, Al-Khobar.  Without a second thought I asked the sales clerk how much it cost.  The price you guess can buy me a pair of Nike shoes and a pair of Nike socks.  Nevertheless I got this feeling that this ornamental figurine fish made of jade stone can give me some relief from stress and luck, so I decided to buy it.  Wonders of wonders, when I turned off the lights during nightime in my room, the figurine will create a luminous light.  I was lucky enough to have bought this stuff.  It's so relieving watching them at night, making my sleep stress free and peaceful.

Friday, July 02, 2010

After Lunch

Nice to have a snapshot after lunch. Me and my best friend had a grand time relaxing after lunch from the cafeteria. Photo was taken by our good friend Marvin who just bought his 14 megapixel Canon digital camera.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day (2010)

Father's Day is being celebrated around the world on the third Sunday of June. It is being commemorated to honor fatherhood and male caretakers.

According to history, Father's Day was born as a token of love and gratitude that a daughter cherishes for her beloved father. It was the idea of a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd to celebrate Father's Day (during a Mother's Day sermon at a church) because after her mother died, it was her father Henry Jackson Smart who made all parental sacrifices and took over all the responsibilities of a mother could have done to her children. Mr. Henry Smart was born on June 19, 1910 that's why Sonora Smart Dodd chose to celebrate Father's Day every third Sunday of June.

President Nixon of the United States of America permanently declared a national observance of Father's Day in every third Sunday of June.

In honoring my father's unconditional love for us, I always wish him good health for the years to come. Through good and bad times, my father is always there to support, guide, and teach us how to be strong.

Thank you Father for all your sacrifices and love! Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Krispy Kreme

I found a tasty and delicious donuts in the name of Krispy Kreme. The taste of the regular donut is so addictive and sweet and you crave for more. I bought today a dozen of it with Arabic coffee I prepared so aromatic that made my night so enjoyable and relax while watching a movie. I recommend you to buy Krispy Kreme and it will make your day complete.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Turn Back the Time

It seems time is so getting fast. There are times you want to stop for a while and look back from your past and reminisce them. I had been longing to do this for quite some time and its only now that I had the chance to do this. Although there are some bitter moments and experiences from my past, I considered them as part of the process of growing and learning. Good and unforgettable moments will be there to remember. It will be an inspiration for me as years goes by. As I celebrate my third year of blogging, I want to share with you photos of my younger years, when I was 1-1/2 and 4 years old then. It was such a delight that my mother had kept these pictures for a long time. Whenever I look back to these photos, I cannot hide the happiness and joy within me. I wish I could be a child again, innocent, playful, and free of worries. Turning back the time is sometimes a theraphy to ease the ever fast, and changing world.

Monday, March 01, 2010

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words - More Vacation Photos

My Living Room

My Beloved Mother

Religious Articles at Kamay ni Jesus Church

Fresh and Bloom

Robinsons Vineyard, Dasmarinas, Cavite

Ricefields along Lucban, Quezon

Kamay ni Hesus Church, Lucban, Quezon
atop the hill is huge statue of Jesus Christ

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Visit To Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine

Our Lady of Manaoag

The Altar of Our Lady of Manaoag

Welcome Signboard going to Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine

Myself in front of the altar

Facade of Our Lady of Manaoag Church

It was a dream come true on our trip to Our Lady of Manaoag Church in Pangasinan last January 30, 2010. I was longing to visit the Shrine since my last vacation on 2008. Unfortunately the plan during that time did not push through. This year on my vacation, I had promised to visit the Church come rain or shine. Me and a friend leave my house at 5 am from Imus, Cavite and reached the Pasay City terminal of Five Star Bus at 5:45 am. We ride one of the bus going to Dagupan City and asked the bus conductor if he can bring and drop us at Our Lady of Manaoag Church at Pangasinan. He willingly obliged to drop us at Urdaneta City and instructed us to take a tricycle ride (around 20 minutes) going to Manaoag Church with a fare of 100 pesos. The trip going to North Luzon Expressway was exciting for me since this is the first time I will see the changes that has been done through many years with regards to the road and other infrastructure that has been built on the area. I did not sleep in the bus because I don't want to missed anything I can see on our way to the Northern provinces along McArthur Highway. We had a 20 minute stopover at Mabalacat, Pampanga to relieve ourselves and buy some snacks. The trip was painstankingly long because it took us more than 5 hours to reach Manaoag. Nevertheless, it was joy and happiness that I felt upon reaching the Church. We were not able to catched the last mass in the morning of 11 o'clock because upon reaching the church, the priest was already blessing religious articles in front of the altar. Anyway, me and my friend prayed for our own intentions that lasted for several minutes and took some pictures for souvenir around the Church. Many people visiting the Church are taking pictures and the security personnel are not that strict. We were able to visit behind the altar of the Virgin a mini-chapel where visitors go to touch the image's mantle. Her mantle is visible and can be touched only through a small partition, small enough for hands to fit. Upon touching the mantle I offered a short prayer and thank her for the blessings of God that we were able to reached the shrine safely. I was able to drop my petition prayers (for good health of my father and mother and the whole family, more blessings, peace and love for the whole world) at the petition box. It was a wonderful trip for me to the Holy Shrine, a dream come true that I visited it for the first time. I felt the peace and holiness inside me and I unabashedly cried during my prayers. I will again visit the Church on my next vacation and will make sure to catch an earlier trip so I can attend and hear the earlier mass.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Totally Back

The huge statue of Jesus Christ atop the hill

Me and my dearest Fe

Overview of the stairs going to the top of the hill (292 steps)

Landmark going to Lucban, Quezon

Whew! It's almost been 2 months I have not written on this blog. I just came from my two months vacation from the Philippines and it so hard for me to continue writing while I'm enjoying my memorable and remarkable vacation. I decided not to post anything so I can enjoy much of my needed rest and recreation. Now I'm back in Saudi Arabia and started to work hard to earn that much needed dollars for my bank account. My January vacation from the Philippines was the most memorable one among the others. It was a great experienced to visit Kamay ni Hesus Shrine at Lucban, Quezon where you can find the huge statue of Jesus Christ atop the hill by 292 hundred steps to reach the pinnacle. Before reaching the top you will be passing the statues of the 14 Stations of the Cross. The view is breathtaking and you can find peace and serenity because of its green landscape, lush greenery, virgin forest, and unpolluted place. From South, we went to North at Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan, a 5 hours travel by bus. The moment I stepped in front of the church, I felt a sense of holiness, peace, and serenity inside of me. I cried during my prayers and it makes me feel at peace and relieved. I had a grand time and enjoyed our reunion with my college buddies at Gerry's Grill at Mall of Asia, Pasay City. We visited one of my dear friend Ruby who is sicked and wheelchaired at their house in Calamba City, Laguna. Eventually, my bonding with my family is the most important part of my vacation where I spend quality time with them, especially with my mother and father, my sisters and brothers, and my nephews. My vacation will not be worthy at all if I will not share to you some of the pictures I've taken during that period. Above photos are taken at Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.