Friday, August 29, 2008

If You Were A Dream

Your sweet smile
Your endearing face
Your kissable lips
Your soft touch

Your smooth skin
Your shiny hair
Your well chiseled nose
Your expressive eyes

Your gentle voice
Your fresh and feminine scent
Your candle like hands
Your beautiful body

It's you who fill the emptiness in my life
You are the perfect woman in my sight
That I've been looking for long
In my dreams I will love you more

You are an angel coming from heaven
Who shared wonderful things to brethren
You make things so enlighten
And brings happiness to human being

If you were a dream
I would like to make it happen!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Cat

I envy this little feline
Who is free from worry and pressure
I realize that his world is different from us
Sleeping, resting and relaxing
I wish, I could had his time also.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Man's Plea to Serenity

Down through the alley of darkness
I found nothing but isolation
With total silence and confusion
I reach to get out of this man's subjugation

With nowhere to go, no one to rely on
Man will never perceive the picture of peace
With everybody's mind is domination
To kill and slaughter each other

Why is religion a factor of war
Does anybody realize that there is only one creator
Why we cannot settle those differences
And live with peace, till next generation

Why don't we forget the bitter past of disagreement
Heal the wounds of hatred, and free the generous heart
Why everybody's fooling around to get even
In destroying the essence of humankind

We live to love life, we live just that
Are we not afraid of our divine God
For he is the creator, he can ruin us
Why we cannot cherish his sole gift to human race

My brothers, my sisters on earth
I'm begging you to value the souls of birth
We are here to live in peace
Not to fight and destroy each race

Stop the killings and halt the slaughter
Our children will never see the beauty of life
They will never endure the essence of forever
If we continue to fight one another

God, help us to reach your kingdom!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When Heaven Comes To Earth

As I was browsing the internet for the past week, the conflict between Russia and Georgia was on the headline. Even in the news from BBC or CNN, the situation on both countries are significantly on the top of news broadcast side by side on the ongoing Beijing Olympics. This reminds me of the conflict during the 90s of Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia) and Bosnia Herzegovina (the breakaway republic of Yugoslavia). The horrors and genocide of that war still lingers on my mind. It was horrific and unimaginable. Whenever I saw the pictures of the dead people and stories about torture and rape, I cannot wonder why these things could happened. How human beings could inflict such ungodly behavior to fellow human beings in the name of religion, nationalistic pride or whatever. Needless to say, people should think of peaceful means and not intimidation to resolve an issue. It is the civilian population who are being affected whenever war is being impose, the innocent children and the elderly ones who are helpless during the conflict. My message is very clear, and I believe that this is universally accepted that we need peace not war during this time.

I had written about the conflict of Russia and Georgia because I had accidentally found an old poem I had written way back 1995 during the conflict at Yugoslavia. Actually, it was included on my supposed collection of poems that I planned to publish for a book (I’m still searching for a publisher who is interested to finance it). Hence, it is only now I will publish the poem on this blog, about the war in Yugoslavia during that time. I hope and pray that the conflict in Russia and Georgia would stop but also in other countries who are experiencing the same situation. All we need is to live in peace and harmony, to live without fear, and free from oppression. I'm dedicating this poem to the people of Georgia and to my fellow brothers in Mindanao, especially in Lanao who were relentlessly attacked by rouge, renegade and disoriented people. I still believe that the power of God will stop this war .......

When Heaven Comes to Earth

The nights of Grozny are filled of fire
That blazes upons skin which nevers decline
The littered dead bodies in the streets are lined
Will never be forgotten in one man's eyes

The wrath of scourge had not one enough ....

In Bosnia you can hear the cries and anguish
Of mothers longing to her childs vanguish
The rape of the flesh, the pain of the mind
Is a picture of ones earth, and pillar of its kind

The wrath of scourge had not one enough .....

When the birds prey are seen to the world
The blood of innocence are bound to be called
The thirsty that craves in the midst of the cold
Will grace upon man's imagination and thoughts

The vivid slaughter and deprivation to exist
Had been shown to the world and no one had resist
Bloodsheds and killings because of every man's faith
Is the scheme of everyone that has to be played

The heaven's of earth are full of tears
Crying for the dead, weeping for the less
Seeking for an answer that has to be relish
That never cease to flow till it has to bear

When heaven comes to earth
The singing and dancing has to be started
Man's folly to forget is not a bliss
Reasons of ignorance is not the road for peace

Stop the killings, heaven is nearing on earth

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Celebration of Life

People smiling, full of glee and happiness
Cheering the rites of a bright new morning
Full of colors with the mood of rejoicing
A new day has come that is so dazzling

Mornings are merriment of a fresh day
A sign of life that reminds us to care
A beginning that extends till nightfall
A whole day of existence that is truly admirable

Celebration of life, God’s gift to our time
Cherish the moment of our very existence
A period of life, a sign of uniqueness
So precious and feast of joyfulness!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Alone (Again)

I can't go out of this darkness
Now that I'm alone
Waiting for someone to rescue me
From the solitude of my existence

I feel the emptiness
Void of sentiment
Absence of colors
My life has to offer

Wanting to be love
But nowhere to be found
Tears flowing, crying for help
Deep inside I'm really hurt

Taken by my time
The silence is only mine
Alone in the stillness
Of my own subsistence

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Road to Success

Sometimes our road to our destination is rough
It makes us wonder why it is so tough
The journey seems so long to reach
As we struggle our goal to become complete.

In every each person course to his life
There are challenges that we need to fight
Reach out for our aim and aspiration
In the end, we will succeed with our own intention.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Songs In My Life

I considered music or songs a very essential part of my life. Needless to say, some way or the other they touches and influences my mood and the way I carry out my day to day activities. Through the years, songs are my refuge whenever I feel sad, happy, and satisfied. And today, as part of my recollections, I will list down these songs that nearly become attached in my life.

1. Love Will Lead You Back (Taylor Dayne) - This song evokes the emotions you would feel after being separated when all the love you had for that person remains in your heart. Through all the pain and suffering, you feel that love will lead you back again. The song remains the number one on my list as this is the most fitting song that evolves in my life. You love, you hurt, you give everything to please that person but in the end you separated and hurt each others feeling. At the end of the day, somehow, somewhere, love will find it's way.

2. True (Spandau Ballet) - Since my college days, I had been a fan of Spandau Ballet. Their hit song "True" is one of the best songs I considered that came out during the 80s. It's a purely blue-eyed soul music (very relaxing and calming) that I listen from time to time. Timeless classic. And its a beautiful love song.

3. This Used To Be My Playground (Madonna) - I admit that I'm a Madonna fan as I considered her the greatest female pop/rock artist. Most of her songs are controversial, but this is one of my favourite ballad songs she had sang. This song make you think about your life and all the things that have happened to you. It's a song about us. It makes me feel like I'm about to burst into tears when I used to listen with it.

4. Dust In The Wind (Kansas) - This song is about the true value of material things and success. All the material things and success we had in our life is nothing after we die just everyone else. Eventually, as the song narrates, "for all we are is dust in the wind". One of the best Kansas songs and it keeps haunting me wherever I go.

5. Sailing (Christopher Cross) - The song is about the singer's memories of sailing every summer with a friend. Yes, I always remember this song during my summer escapades in Batangas. Going to the beach with my friends sailing in a small banca and enjoying every minute of it without the hassles of city life. Away from the concrete jungle.

6. Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder) - its about someone with dreams of finding their true love and they actually find that love and is pleading for that one you love to have those same "overjoyed" feelings towards you. The song is very inspiring and you feel estatic about finding ones love.

7. Places That Belong To You (Barbra Streisand) - The song is the theme song of the film "The Prince of Tides" starring Nick Nolte and Barbra Streisand.

8. Another Day in Paradise (Phil Collins) - This song addresses the problem of ignoring the needy and the homeless. It's a great song that makes people think ... to look back and help the less fortunate. "Oh think twice, its another day for you and me in paradise."

9. Oh Mother (Christina Aguillera) - This is obviously dedicated to my endearing Mother, the wind beneath my wings. The song implies the hardship a mother had gone through an abusive relationship with her husband. Somehow, there is a similar meaning the song has to convey about my dear mother who has endured hard and painful times in raising seven children in our family. Whenever I played this song, tears will always flow in my eyes remembering her love, patience, hardship, kindhearted and devout character.
10. Cuts Both Ways (Gloria Estefan) - This is my favourite song of Gloria Estefan. The song is mellow and sweet and it brings back nice memories in your life. I first heard this song when I was in Riyadh way back 1996. Until then, it never fades on my list of songs I listened.

11. Water Runs Dry (Boyz II Men) - This song is about two people who split up and have yet to rectify what broke them up in the first place. The persona is coming upon a moment of realization that if they don't attempt to fix this, then they could regret it terribly. Everyone can relate to this song, the lyrics are beautiful and the vocals are really breathtaking.

12. Somebody (Depeche Mode) - Is a love song in which the lead singer of Depeche Mode Martin Gore sings of his desire to find someone to be his lover and his confidant and who respects his opinions about "the world we live in and life in general," though she may not necessarily agree with them. This song is considered as universal because everyone can relate to this song whatever gender he belongs to. "Somebody" is a song I considered more on religion because this is a song of renewal of faith.
13. Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears) - This is my favorite and ultimate song of Tears for Fears. It is considered the pinnacle of Tears for Fears' chart success. The message of the song is quite serious and it's about everybody wanting power and domination, about war and misery, sufferings it causes.