Thursday, June 28, 2007


Sometimes, I feel so all alone
I never understand, why this is so
I sense that there's somethng missing on me
Which I never experienced before

I'm looking for a concrete answer
My love your still not on my way
I wish I could feel the essence of being love
I believe being relish is living in nirvana

I can't find any reason why
That being so alone all my life
I believe I deserve to be happy
To be with someone and with somebody

Wishing before I close my eyes
A person who can understand me, be at my side
Wishing before seeing the dawn
I can feel the essense of affection.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Always and Forever

Always and forever I will love you
Because your the reason I exist on this earth
Never I forget the memories that you left
Always and forever, I will follow you
The first time we met, you give hope to my life
Your smile and laughter lingers on my mind
Your touch to my hands gives relief to my pain
Your an answer to my longing prayer
I will cherish the things we always do
Your understanding and patience will never let go
Whenever I needed you in times of my solitude
You never hesitate to say no
We love to play, walk through the sands
Along the beaches that gathers us around
Till the sun sets and close its eyes
We always say yes, for the love that we bind
Your caress, your tender loving caress
How can I forget that, my love
Your tender hugs that whispers on my soul
How can I deny that, my love
At night I always dream of you
Longing to touch you in my imagination
Reaching you beyond the heavens end
To feel you, to touch you and make love with you
I sometimes cry, why this should be
We deserve the moments of joy and to be happy
Every minute of the day, thinking of you
Never to be torn apart
My love, my everlasting love
Although we are far apart
I will follow your footsteps until the rainbows end
My love, my love, I'm longing to feel you
Never will my affection die
Always and forever, I will be loving you.

(dedicated to someone I will never forget, until I die she will be here in my heart)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

God Has Been Faithful

“When we look back and wonder how we ever made it through,
we realize it’s not because we’ve been clever but because God has been wise, not because we’ve been strong but because God has been mighty;
not because we’ve been consistent but because God has been faithful.”