Monday, June 30, 2008


Source of light .... a beacon
In the midst of the dark side of the night
Along the vastness of the calm sea
A guidance to the lost ship of destiny
Alone .... in the hill of hope
A tower that leads the way
To the right path everyday.....

Nature Trip

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Never Give Up

No matter how hard life is
And a stormy whether had destroy your path
Never give up .....
One day it will never be apart

If sorrow and pain reigns into your heart
And if you cry because somebody had hurt you so much
Never give up .....
One day the right person will mend you as such

If you carry a heavy load at your back
And you cannot bear the burden anymore
Never give up .....
One day that load will be wash ashore

If you believe that the world is against you
And you need to fight and stand the truth
Never give up .....
One day there is a chance to start anew

If you fall and cannot stand alone
And you need someone to rally round
Never give up .....
One day God will help you through

Reflections of My Mind

Sea waves cavorting in the sand
Flowers blooming like a singing band
Birds are free to fly and roaming around
Children sings with an innocent sound

I'm afraid to leave and die
I want to spend more of my precious time
My purpose in life is not yet finish
To be love and to be cherish

I live alone through my dreams
Wanting more to scream
To reach the pinacle of life
And utter the success of might

It comes out of my idle thinking
Where mankind are at peace and free of loving
Walking hand in hand, together celebrating
Creating one world of absolute bonding

Friday, June 20, 2008

This Is My Life

I created my own world
Where I can free myself
I can fly without limitations
Where my thoughts are free from oppression .....

I don't care what others might say
My world is in different way
I'm on a state of oblivion to pain
Where my existence has so much to gain .....

My world is unique
I can spread my wings up high
To reach my destiny
Without any difficulty .....

This is my life, free of stress and worry
Creating my own happiness and glee
Where my imagination enjoys so much liberty
And forever I can live with so much dignity .....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'm alone, nestled in a world of solitude
Longing ....
I want somebody
Who will understand me ....
Somebody ... I can cry on
Who will embrace my situation ...
Somebody ... I can share to
My laughter and my sorrow ....
Somebody ... who will love me
Forever ... and unconditionally

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today, June 15 is Father's Day. I called my Father this morning to greet him and I was so lucky that he was there in our house to answer the phone. He was very happy then to hear my voice and I'm very glad about it. Honestly, I was not closed to my father as what I used to be with my mother. But as years passed by, my longing for him begins to be intense. There is a deep emotion from me that I want to share it with him. Maybe because I had not shown him any affection whatsoever when we were together when I'm in the Philippines. There are times my father and I had differences and arguments. I believed thats a normal process between a father and son relationship. I had realized that I'm lucky that my father is still alive giving me a very good reason to stay strong in the midst of my own life in Saudi Arabia. He is there to adviced me to take care of myself, to remind me to thank God for all the blessings his giving me and remind me to pray at all times and be patient in life. After all, my father is still my father no matter what. He is the foundation of our family and he is the provider of our needs during our younger years. He might not be a perfect father, but I considered him the best I've ever got. I missed him so much.
Father, you made me strong
Your words are my strength during my loneliness
You give me hope and guided me
In my life in the desert which is solitary
You had inspired me to endure inspite of difficulty.

Father, I' am very sorry
For all the things that I made you angry
During our arguments I had spoken to you badly
I realized that you are right to tell me
The good side of life I need to follow patiently.
Father, I still remember those happy days

When I was young, we used to hop and play

Every Sunday you bring us to church and pray

We eat at a kiosk with lots of food on the tray

Till we end up full and tired, then sleep all day.

Father, you will always be in my heart

Like my mother you are a special person on earth

I will take care of you until your last breathe

I will give you my time to catch up our lost bonding

You will never regret your life because its enduring.

Father, I wish you well

Take care of yourself and always be agile

I know your an athletic person up to this day

Who constantly walk and run in every way

Father, take good of yourself ... and always take care!

Monday, June 09, 2008


As the wind blows kissing my face
I remember our days when we were together
Your soft touch and sweet caress
Keeps me tender to my longing sadness

As time goes by I’m missing you so much
The laughter, the joy that we share through times
I cherish those moments and lingers on my mind
How could I forget it, you become part of my life

When I look around in the midst of a rainy day
I always catch a glimpse of your endearing face
The times when we are soak to the wet weather
Together we take the pleasure like a small child’s play

As we jointly grace in a Wednesday mass
Praying for a request that we never be apart
The essence of love that we share at the moment
Be blessed by his caring and nurturing hands

Although we are miles away
We never forget each others path
As if we are near to each further life
Because of the messages that you convey to my mind

So far but nearly yet
The essence of love grows more and alive
Even the absence of a physical divine
Will endure forever through the test of time

(to Violy)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Magic of Perfume

The fragrance of a perfume makes me crazy. I can never live my life without wearing it. If there is something fetish that I would consider, it is all about perfume. Since I started collecting perfumes (expensive ones) my life was never the same again. People would asked me several times what’s the name of my perfume I’m wearing. They are mesmerized by the aura and the distinctive scent of it. No matter what, it’s a confidence booster for myself because I’am being noticed. If money makes the whole world go round, for me, perfume makes my whole world go crazy! There is something mysterious about it, a potion so magical you cannot resist, that’s why I kept wearing them for long.

JOOP Go! By Wolfgang Joop – How could I resist wearing this eau de toilette natural spray wherever I go? Joop Go is my number one list of my perfume collection (the fact I bought two 100 ml bottle for a price of 210 SR each (56 Dollars). Back in 1998, I was using Joop Homme and still the fragrance lingers on my mind. Now that Wolfgang Joop introduces his new line of Joop natural spray, I can say Joop Go is irresistible and awesome. I certainly agree that Joop Go is the best smelling fragrance of Wolfgang Joop. The fragrance of oranges and berries, these two smells blend together to create a fresh smelling fragrance that is both woody and light in stages. Joop Go was marketed as a summery fruity fragrance that is very versatile and sweet smelling. I believe this perfume has the kind of smell at the right time at any time of the year which is a great thing to have about fragrance. The fragrance has a long lasting smell (imagine working at 7:00 am to 4:30 pm) and the fragrance is still there even after my shower at 9:00 pm. The bottle is attractive and it is also stylish. The box is metallic green which is also attention getter. It is pleasing to the eyes I swear.

Tommy Hilfiger Cologne Spray (100 ml) - The cologne is a wonderful scent. I bought this cologne for a price of 250 Riyals (67 Dollars) with a Backpack gift which eventually I gave to my favourite brother Raynold. I was using this cologne for 3 years now and the smell is sensational. I remember one of my officemates who always asked me what perfume I wear and he couldn’t resist to embraced me because of the freshness and wonderful scent it has.

For a starter, the cologne is a tangy citrus, cranberry and cinnamon apple pie scent, a warm and comfortable fragrance and it is recommended for daytime lasting for 6 to 10 hours.

Cool Water by Davidoff – Actually this cologne was a birthday gift to me. The first time I wear it, my sister asked me what perfume I’m wearing. She just love it. When I came back from my vacation she told me to buy one for her. To make the story short, I bought her one and I started using it as often as I can. Cool Water is an amazing fragrance plus so crisp and fresh. Like other colognes and perfumes, it stays with me all through the day and received many compliments. Cool Water cologne is a nice casual fragrance best suited for warmer weather which the brand name suggests. Cool Water for hot weather.

DUNHILL Fresh for Men (100 ml) Eau de Toilette – Irresistible, fresh, masculine, nice, clean and powerful scent! Dunhill fresh is really a knockout perfume for me. This perfume is also on the top of my list. I got plenty of compliments about how great I smell, from my colleagues and strangers. They seems to be magically attached to this perfume that they ask me what perfume I wear. I love this Dunhill Fresh. I always wear it whenever I go, ordinary days or for special occasion. I may say that it is not overpowering yet still strong, really fresh and very manly. Bought this perfume for SR 254 at Gazzaz.

For a starter, the fragrance announces itself with crisp and clean overtones, blending a refined character with a lasting impression of basil, freesia and green notes. Unexpected zesty, invigorating elements follow, stimulating and rejuvenating the senses with violet, watery floral, and orris. Sparkling, transparent notes clear the mind: infuse it with cool, calm freshness of cedarwood, a woody leather accord, amber, coumarin, and patchouli. The cool aqua color gives an immediate visual impression of irresistible refreshment.

Acqua de Gio by Giorgio Armani (100 ml) – I bought this perfume for a price of 275 Saudi Riyals (73 Dollars) at Gazzaz, one of the leading perfume store in Saudi Arabia. Acqua de Gio is one of my favourite perfumes. The first time I sprayed it on my body, I’ m already in love with this fragrance. I always received good compliments on how good I smell. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser . It is strong enough for people to smell from a distance and lasts pretty long. It’s one of the best, an awesome one!

For a starter, Acqua de Gio blends fresh note of melon and pear with an armful of hyacinth, jasmine, rose and lily. At the base, a wake of musk and sandalwood caress the senses with sensuality and serenity. Acqua de Gio is crisp and cool, it’s a bracing oceanic fragrance for men.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Love Always

Love always inspires us,
To do things that are positive
Love always protects,
And preserve its integrity
Love always trusts,
And assure us of confidence
Love always hopes,
And gives us tomorrow

Love always persevere,
And gives us endurance
Love always forgive,
And keep our faith strong
Love always sacrifice,
And makes our heart grows
Love always stay,
And keeps our strength flows

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Everyday, I see people around me
Walking so fast, they don't care of my situation
Talking so loud, they won't listen to my position
They care about themselves but not of my condition.

Everyday, I feel grief about my nation
Violence, greed, and lots of corruption
That is widespread and without compassion
Even in the streets of realization

Everyday, I hear different kind of sounds
That creates inflection of expressive emotions
Sound of silence and sound of laughter
That clings on this world that cater

Everyday, is a world of fascination
Dreams that hold on to my imagination
Colors of living, colors of existence
Transcending in the course of life

Everyday, I wish I could be there
In a celestial state, that is free of worry
In a state of enjoying my personal freedom
Without restrictions and domination

Everyday, is a wonderful life
A process of learning, a process of education
To live in accordance with one's definition
And to share the force of mutual affection.