Friday, April 27, 2007

The Color Cherish

I see the clear sky in its eloquent spectrum
That graces upon the morning ritual
The cold quiet air that kisses my wholeness
In the tranquil side of my existence.

I feel the warmth of this glorious sun
Hear the pristine water in the spring that run
Watch the waves of sea that embraces the sand
And cherish the breeze of haunting wind.

The children's laughter, is a music to the ears
In church, the mystic sounds of the ringing bells
The melodic chirping of those beautiful birds
Are the colors of life that coexist in this earth.

The vast greenery of virgin forest
Its lush life and silence which I want to caress
The enormous form of its unique habitation
Is a paradise to behold, a haven of preservation.

The peace that man creates should last forever
So the next generation could savor it after
I pray and wish this things will happen
Oh God, we need you to guide us, on our way to heaven.

For me the world is a place of enormous wonder
A space of love, peace not war, and freedom to ponder
For all humanity should safeguard this gift
A lasting one, within the bounds beneath.