Friday, November 23, 2007

A Day of Celebration

After a long 5 years of absence on our yearly company picnic day, I finally decided to come and join with my colleagues on November 15, 2007. Actually it's not because the picnic is an experience to cherish with, but because on this day I will celebrate to get my award on my 10th year with Middle East Battery Company. Imagine, it was like only yesterday when I joined the organization with lots of memories to fondle with. I had been a living witness to the growth, ups and downs of our company and still the business is growing with such fervor. I witnessed different kind of people who come and go, and many stories to tell about their lives. Well, to make the long story short, I never thought I would enjoy this day with some company of friends. Much ado are the foods that Al-Khaleej Village Resort prepared for us with Arabic, Indian and Oriental menus on the table with matching delicacies and lots of fruits. It was then that I realized that I forgot to watch my diet with those cholestoric, sweet, and oily foods (he-he-he!!) Anyway, its only a day that I made a wrong judgement to disregard my diet watch. It made me a 102 kgs that day. To sum it all, my 15 years in Saudi Arabia (5 years in Riyadh and 10 years in Al-Khobar) would give so much accomplishment in life. With my hardworking attitude towards work, perseverance and patience in life, I have attained my goals in life with my head up high. Thanks to almighty God, and my family behind me who are always there to guide and support me through thick and thin.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

In My Life

In my life, there's always be me
A person of songs and vast tranquility
In my life, there's always be melody
A person of joy and God fearing eternally
In my life, there's always be somber
A person and human, born to make mistakes
In my life, there's always be my mother
A person of great love, in need she'll be there
In my life, I always try to be humble
To reach others hand, and prove to be gentle
In my life, there's my brothers and sisters
My benovelent concern for the good of another
In my life, there's always be tears
Tears of gaiety, and tears of sadness
In my life, God is within me
Who guides my way perfect and directs my eternity
In my life, I always wish peace would reign
So the world will be in harmony and not to live in vain.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Sometimes, I feel so all alone
I never understand, why this is so
I sense that there's somethng missing on me
Which I never experienced before

I'm looking for a concrete answer
My love your still not on my way
I wish I could feel the essence of being love
I believe being relish is living in nirvana

I can't find any reason why
That being so alone all my life
I believe I deserve to be happy
To be with someone and with somebody

Wishing before I close my eyes
A person who can understand me, be at my side
Wishing before seeing the dawn
I can feel the essense of affection.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Always and Forever

Always and forever I will love you
Because your the reason I exist on this earth
Never I forget the memories that you left
Always and forever, I will follow you
The first time we met, you give hope to my life
Your smile and laughter lingers on my mind
Your touch to my hands gives relief to my pain
Your an answer to my longing prayer
I will cherish the things we always do
Your understanding and patience will never let go
Whenever I needed you in times of my solitude
You never hesitate to say no
We love to play, walk through the sands
Along the beaches that gathers us around
Till the sun sets and close its eyes
We always say yes, for the love that we bind
Your caress, your tender loving caress
How can I forget that, my love
Your tender hugs that whispers on my soul
How can I deny that, my love
At night I always dream of you
Longing to touch you in my imagination
Reaching you beyond the heavens end
To feel you, to touch you and make love with you
I sometimes cry, why this should be
We deserve the moments of joy and to be happy
Every minute of the day, thinking of you
Never to be torn apart
My love, my everlasting love
Although we are far apart
I will follow your footsteps until the rainbows end
My love, my love, I'm longing to feel you
Never will my affection die
Always and forever, I will be loving you.

(dedicated to someone I will never forget, until I die she will be here in my heart)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

God Has Been Faithful

“When we look back and wonder how we ever made it through,
we realize it’s not because we’ve been clever but because God has been wise, not because we’ve been strong but because God has been mighty;
not because we’ve been consistent but because God has been faithful.”

Friday, May 18, 2007


Music ... a language of freedom
Where I can free my thoughts, my feelings
Where no one can repress the melody
Where I can change the beat of harmony

Music ... you are a spell to my life
I can't sleep without hearing youI can't control my emotions
You touch my inner sanctum

You make me cry, you give me hope
You give joy and make my world
painted with colors

My day is not complete without your songs to play
Your magic is unexplicable ... a lasting space
Devoid of pretentions, a rainbow of dreams
An experience where I can reach the heavens

Music ... you and me are one
The rhythms, the beats you share are boundless
So precious, forever and ageless
You are a friend, a refuge and fortress.

Live Life to the Fullest

I had been through a lot from bad times to good times. Nevertheless I was able to survive in a nick of time because of my perseverance to live life to the fullest. Life isn’t easy at all. We are born to accept the challenge of living alone, living with others, and interact to the forces of nature. I was able to love once and was not successful as I thought. I gave everything the love and understanding to that person but unfortunately it was not enough to her expectations. In life, we stumble many adversities. From childhood to puberty, to middle age and even on our twilight years we will have hard times to tackle. Pains, heartaches, emotional distress. These are only few sufferings that I had gone through. In spite of these obstacles, my family was able to support me to survive. The foundation of a good family was the key to my very existence. They are there at my side to continue my struggle. The struggle to move on and the struggle to love again. I was able to cope with it gradually and successfully. The will, the perseverance to live, and prayers which turned me to be near to our Creator again. Prayers can do a lot. For me it’s sacred to my religiosity, an extension of my spirituality. Upon struggling to cope with the hardships of life, I pray a lot, a lot which I can imagine. It gives me the inner peace that I need. The peace of mind and the freedom of my body from negative urges. To live is to give everything. Live as if tomorrow may never come again. We may not know what will happen to the very minute of this moment. Spend more quality time to your love ones especially your family. Spend more time in doing good deeds to others. Spend more time sharing your thoughts and feelings to your friends. Spend more time to live happily and without fear. Go to the beach and watch the beauty of the sunset, the serenity of the sea. Go to the mountains and see the wonders of nature. Go to places where you have never been before because you can see the difference of meeting a new place and its people. Spend sometime of being alone because it’s a chance to reflect on yourself. Pray a lot because God will listen to you no matter what, even if it takes time for him to give you an answer. These are many reasons why we need to live life to the fullest, to accept it, to spend it and to move with it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer Rendezvous

The scorching sun that touches my skin
A solace for the past winter cold wind
The waving sea ashore is yearning me to swim
As the summer spell approaches its whim

Oh what a sight of comfort and cheer
As people goes by the pristine water of the beach
To relieve the scorch of this summer heat
Relish the fun of outdoor beat

Others sips the beer, others grills the beef
Boys plays the sand, young girls sing and dance
Lovers stroll around with each others hands
And whisper sweet nothings that make them abound

Others eat and drink, others sleep and rest
To forget the obstructions of the city jungle
Enjoying the days break, a once in a lifetime experience
Summer is forever here, and the world is at trance

This is my summer rendezvous!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Ode to My Mother

An angel ... smiling on me
healing my sadness
feeding my hunger

A women ... of sacrifice ... of love
of understanding and patience

A women of piety ... devout and God fearing
unselfish and caring

My mother is like a haven
Where you can find peace and refuge
She is one and irreplaceable
For the love she always stand

My mother is a gift from God
The women of my heart, lasting and forever.

(Dedicated to my Beloved Mother on May 13 2007)

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Color Cherish

I see the clear sky in its eloquent spectrum
That graces upon the morning ritual
The cold quiet air that kisses my wholeness
In the tranquil side of my existence.

I feel the warmth of this glorious sun
Hear the pristine water in the spring that run
Watch the waves of sea that embraces the sand
And cherish the breeze of haunting wind.

The children's laughter, is a music to the ears
In church, the mystic sounds of the ringing bells
The melodic chirping of those beautiful birds
Are the colors of life that coexist in this earth.

The vast greenery of virgin forest
Its lush life and silence which I want to caress
The enormous form of its unique habitation
Is a paradise to behold, a haven of preservation.

The peace that man creates should last forever
So the next generation could savor it after
I pray and wish this things will happen
Oh God, we need you to guide us, on our way to heaven.

For me the world is a place of enormous wonder
A space of love, peace not war, and freedom to ponder
For all humanity should safeguard this gift
A lasting one, within the bounds beneath.