Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nike Zoom Pegasus 32

Got this new Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 as my running shoes. Actually I bought this last month but I'm having second thoughts to use it, hehehe.  It's because of the expensive price of the shoes. I just want to display it where it is located at the corner of my room. Anyway, my Nike Air shoes is still usable and wearable, so I will use it until I finally decided to wear the Nike Zoom Pegasus.  Or maybe I will just give this to my son as a gift who has the same size as I am.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Ramadan Kareem

Today is the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.  Ramadan Kareem is the glorious month of Ramadan.  It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it is the time our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters who have reach puberty observe fasting from sunrise to sunset.  Muslims do not eat, smoke, drink, and perform sexual intercourse during the daylight hours. This is to purify themselves and focus their time in reading the Holy Quran. I work here as OFW in Saudi Arabia and I do respect the values and good teachings of fasting during Ramadan.  As a non-muslim, I follow not to eat and drink in public places so as not to hurt the feelings of our Muslim brothers, and to respect the spirit of Holy Ramadan. 

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