Monday, October 27, 2008

Wish I Could

Lots of pain and loneliness
This life of mine seems meaningless
Nobody cares, nobody dares
Wish I could have your happiness

Alone in the park, waiting for someone
Whom I can talk and partake my dreams
To share my feelings, my innermost thoughts
To listen with me and my life's history

Wish I could have all the key, of life's beautiful story
So I can live my life without to worry
To hold your hands and give me sympathy
Embrace my wholeness and warm my body

Wish I could be with you forever
So I will never cry and surrender
Someone I can love and be together
Until I die and at the end of time

Wish I could reach the rainbows end
So I can find the pot of joy that is God's send
The joy I'm longing to be with me
Forever and ever in a lifetime journey

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Be Yourself

Believe in yourself
Stand by your own principle
Do what is right
And everything will be bright

Free yourself from worry
Create your own true identity
Preserve your dignity
Respect the rights of everybody

Enjoy your precious life
Be positive in your deeds
Smile and make others happy
Involve yourself in charity

Strengthen your faith to God
Make your life according to your belief
Just be your inner you
Be yourself
That's what you need to do

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Eleven Fruitful Years at MEBC

Looking back the past is not as easy it may be. There are past that are memorable and will be a guiding experience and learning in our life. For this reason, I would like to remember my eleven years of work at Middle East Battery Company a remarkable and unforgettable one.

Today, October 08, 2008, I’m celebrating my 11 years of employment with Middle East Battery Company (MEBC). I was hired on 1997 and it seems it was only like yesterday I was with my family in the Philippines. Eleven years of dedication of work, patience, perseverance, and fruitful years is how I describe my existence with my present company. For eleven years of hard work, I accomplished things that needs to be done. In other words, I was able to fulfill a significant part of my goals. I
bought a parcel of land for future investment and completed to pay the house and lot I bought which I can say my very own. I had no regrets leaving my company in the Philippines because I can proudly say that I'm financially stable at this moment investing my money wisely. I know it’s not easy to work away from your family and love ones. This is the essence of sacrifice in order to uplift the condition of your economic status. I'm exultant to say that I helped and still helping my family and sending one of my nephew to school. My support to my family is unconditional and this makes me happy, contended, and fulfilled. You cannot explain the feelings inside if your intentions to do good things are sincere and wholeheartedly. Aside from these accomplishments, are experiences that I gained working in a foreign land. I had learned the culture of Saudi Arabia, its religion, the language, and most importantly the hospitality of the people in general. Working with other nationalities is a challenge for me to know their culture and traditions. Saudi Arabia is a good friend of our country and people. They welcome us to work with them and we became part of their success and development.
Eleven years seems too long for others. But for me, it was like a short period of time. If you look back and reminisce at the past, there are so many things to cherish and talk about. There are ups and downs, tears and laughter, frustrations and jubilations. This is a part of the process of moving and growing up, staying within the circle of time. I still believe that I can stay for two or three more years with MEBC, who knows. Only time can tell. For the meantime, I’m celebrating tonight my 11th anniversary going to my favorite restaurant at Al-Khobar area. Cheers!