Friday, November 23, 2007

A Day of Celebration

After a long 5 years of absence on our yearly company picnic day, I finally decided to come and join with my colleagues on November 15, 2007. Actually it's not because the picnic is an experience to cherish with, but because on this day I will celebrate to get my award on my 10th year with Middle East Battery Company. Imagine, it was like only yesterday when I joined the organization with lots of memories to fondle with. I had been a living witness to the growth, ups and downs of our company and still the business is growing with such fervor. I witnessed different kind of people who come and go, and many stories to tell about their lives. Well, to make the long story short, I never thought I would enjoy this day with some company of friends. Much ado are the foods that Al-Khaleej Village Resort prepared for us with Arabic, Indian and Oriental menus on the table with matching delicacies and lots of fruits. It was then that I realized that I forgot to watch my diet with those cholestoric, sweet, and oily foods (he-he-he!!) Anyway, its only a day that I made a wrong judgement to disregard my diet watch. It made me a 102 kgs that day. To sum it all, my 15 years in Saudi Arabia (5 years in Riyadh and 10 years in Al-Khobar) would give so much accomplishment in life. With my hardworking attitude towards work, perseverance and patience in life, I have attained my goals in life with my head up high. Thanks to almighty God, and my family behind me who are always there to guide and support me through thick and thin.