Thursday, May 22, 2008

Immortal Love

Everyday is a day of happiness
Never been dull, never been colorless
With all your glory that gives light on my way
Will forever be shining on my very day.

Since you came into my life
Rainbows' hues are always on my sight
It seems like there's always morning
That never ceases into fading.

You are a gift to my existence
Because you are always there to relish me
The goodness of your teachings
Is a powerful guide to my well being.

In times of a stormy weather
You strengthen the foundation of my soul
You give me a strong refuge
That only you can offer.

I'm grateful you are always there
Without you I have no strength
You are the very essence of my consciousness
The will, the mind, that binds us into oneness.

Dear Jesus Christ, you are my love
Bestow me your body and share it to my flesh
I want to feel you, I want to die on you
Your love is immortal, a love that is very true.