Friday, March 20, 2015

Dinner At KUDU

It's a boring evening after I came from work last night.  I decided to go out and have a late night out dinner at my favorite KUDU.  When I arrived at KUDU, I'm the only customer around with two Filipino crew who took my order.  As usual I ordered my all time favorite meal which is Kudu Lunch Beef Meal.  Yes, you hear me right, Lunch Meal in the evening, he-he-he!  Kudu Lunch Meal can be ordered anytime of the day whether in the morning or evening. Together with the lunch meal, I ordered also additional fries and dessert plus a large Fanta Orange drinks. Thank God, I really enjoyed my dinner last night.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

The Beautiful Al-Khobar Water Front

This morning I was able to take a 2 hours brisk walking at Al-Khobar Water Front, Corniche. I bring my Nikon Digital Camera D5100 for some photo shoots along my way.  The Al-Khobar Water Front is as beautiful as ever. Its really a delight to have a morning exercise with clean sidewalks and walkways along your way. That's why I never get tired of doing my Saturday exercise in this area. How I wish na ganito sana ang Manila Baywalk sa Manila Bay.  What more I can say, the pictures below speaks for itself.