Thursday, June 27, 2013

CK One Shock Street Edition Eu de Toilette

Perfumes, cologne, or eu de toilette are my favorite things that I collected for my personal satisfaction.  Pefurmes gives me more confidence because I always feel fresh wherever I wear them.  I have lots of colognes, perfumes and eu de toilette that I had collected.  I have no specific brand that represents to be my favorite.  Whenever there is a new cologne and perfume out in the market, I always try to buy them as long the smell is refreshing and manly.  It is my habit to wear perfume everyday because I want to be notice by people whom I met that I smell so fresh and good. My latest eu de toilette that I bought recently is CK One Shock Street Edition for Him. My officemates loves it and they said it has a refreshing smell.
As per the descripition of Calvin Klein's house of perfume collection, CK One Shock Street Edition for Him arrives in black 100ml EDT bottle adorned with graffiti illustrations. Top notes incorporate refreshing mojito notes combined with sparkling citruses. The heart accentuates delicate spices and geranium sweetened and made more gourmand with held of cocoa accords in the base of the composition. The fragrance is announced as limited edition. The nose behind this fragrance is Ann Gottlieb.

Friday, June 21, 2013

iPhone 5 - My Latest Gadget

I just bought my latest gadget this month.  Although I'm a Samsung Galaxy smarthphone fanatic, I can't resist to buy iPhone 5 because of its popularity and ease of use.  And also my officemates suggest that I bought one, too. For the first time, I had some excellent reviews about iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is an excellent smartphone to use especially for me who always calls my family.  It is very convenient and comfortable to put it on my jeans pocket. One thing I really like about my iPhone 5 is that during my voice call to Philippines, the conversation is very clear and the sound is really solid.  With 20 minutes of conversation, there are no interruptions or loss of signal.  The 8 megapixel primary camera is also very good.  I had taken a few shots of photos and the result is crispier and clear output.  Another positive aspect of the iPhone 5 is that it is lighter than iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.  I'm beginning to love my new iPhone 5 and I still have to explore many things about it.  As of now, I'm enjoying using it together with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.