Friday, February 13, 2015

Madonna - Living For Love

The Queen of Pop did it again!  I'm a die hard Madonna fan and I'm proud to say it.  Whenever Madonna releases a new album or song I'm the first one who will buy her CD or download it from iTunes.  Believe me, I had a complete CD's of Madonna from her first album from 1983 titled "Madonna" and the last album she had in 2012 titled "MDNA".  I don't need to elaborate her biography.  Madonna is a worldwide ICON and SUPERSTAR.  Her achievements are unparalleled in music history. She is a symbol of freedom of expression and she never gets tired of re-inventing herself.  I'm really excited about her new coming album titled "REBEL HEART" which will be release on March 10, 2015.  With her recent performance of "Living for Love" at the Grammy Awards last February 08, she made headlines again with that riveting and controversial act. On the first day of release of the single "Living for Love" last December 2014, it became No. 1 in 40 countries at iTunes Music Chart and the song peaked at number one on the US Billboard Trending 140 Chart.  "Living for Love" video is now available at YouTube and also the live version where she performed at the Grammy Awards.  According to Matthew Jacobs of The Huffington Post "Living for Love" video is Madonna's best work in a decade.

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