Sunday, January 21, 2018

Venice Grand Canal at McKinley Hill, Taguig City

This is my first time to visit the famous Venice Grand Canal at McKinley Hill, Taguig City. My officemates from my previous company decided to have a reunion of sort yesterday.  After a sumptuous dinner at Shakey's SMDC Light Mall we decided to have a short visit at Venice Grand Canal. I heard about this famous place from many of my friends because it is considered as one of the beautiful places in Metro Manila right now. It is also a perfect place for selfie, groupie, and boyfie, etc. It is a replica of one of the famous tourist sites in Italy. Actually, the mall houses different and unique restaurants around.   When we arrive at the mall there are many people around especially families with their children, groups of millennials, and foreigners roaming around and taking photos in the famous canal. There are gondola rides that go around the waters and it was a relaxing sight for the people to view.  I believe the place is full of promenaders during weekends and it is Saturday on the day we visited the place that's why many people are around the area. The beautiful lights in the canal adds a more festive mood of the place especially at night. We spend almost more than an hour roaming around the mall and we enjoyed the view and camaraderie. 

 Panoramic view of Venice Grand Canal

One of the gondola rides

 More gondola rides

The famous bridge of the canal where you can take your selfie, groupie, etc.

 Another bridge of Venice Grand Canal

Relaxing ride

Restaurants beside the canal

Panoramic view of Venice Grand Canal Mall entrance

 Facade of the entrance of Venice Grand Canal Mall

Happy together with my former officemates

Just enjoy life, smile more!

Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year, New Challenges

Happy new year to all! Year 2018 had just started and we look forward to another challenges and trials in our life. New year means positive outlook in life and believing that good things are on their way. I thank our almighty God for all the blessings he had given me during the past year. There are ups and downs but this only makes me more a better person to face those challenges. Most importantly, prayers for guidance, peace, good health for me and my family, and prosperity for our country.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Siargao - The Movie

I decided to watch the movie "Siargao" this morning at the SM Bacoor cinema. Since it got many awards during the 43rd Metro Manila Film Festival including 2nd Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Cinematography it made me come into consideration to watch it (actually I am keen to watch "Ang Larawan" the Best Picture of the MMFF but unfortunately it is not shown at SM Bacoor).  The film stars Jericho Rosales, Erich Gonzales and Jasmine Curtis Smith. The movie in my layman's point of view is beautifully made. It is about a surf romance film with the three characters looking for an answer for a lost love and falling in love again. As the title itself suggest, the movie was filmed entirely in Siargao island at the province of Surigao Del Norte. It showcases the pristine water of the ocean, the white fine sand of the beaches, the vast plantation of coconut trees, and the beautiful people of Siargao. The cinematography is breathtaking and awesome especially the filming of the ocean waves while the protagonist surfs their way to the boundless water of the ocean. I wish I could go there alone also and explore the the islands beautiful scenery and beaches. There are times I cried watching the movie especially when Erich Gonzales confesses her heartaches to Jericho Rosales. She was so effective on that scene, you can feel her sadness and can relate the deep sorrow of what she has experienced with regards to her lost love.  Equally effective is the mysterious character of Jasmine Curtis Smith. She never speaks too much but you can feel also the sadness on her face, the tears she shed, and the yearning of love she wants to Jericho Rosales. She deserves to win the Best Supporting Actress on this film. Jericho Rosales is always my favorite actor.  He is for me a natural born actor, no if's and but's. When he started to speak in the film he is not anymore the actor you know but the character of the movie that he represents. Both Erich and Jericho deserves the acting nomination in this movie. This is a film I enjoyed much seeing this year. Everything is complacent not to mention the beautiful music, the screenplay, the editing, and most especially the directing (congratulations to Paul Soriano, the director of the movie). It is a movie that when you go out of the theater you are smiling and never regrets to watch it. I would like to congratulate the producer and the team of this film. It is such a wonderful film that will end the year of 2017 with pride.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Without Her I'm Nothing

Today is the birthday of my dearest mother. The woman who gave my life. Without her I will be nothing in this world. Her sacrifices and love she gave us is unconditional. I consider her the greatest gift God had ever given me and to our family.  There are times we have misunderstanding but she never gave up to show her compassion and kindness. I know I had given her problems and heartaches, still she never surrendered to love us. I saw her cry, I also feel her pain when she is hurt, in spite of this she is strong enough to stand-up the trials in her life. My mother is my pillar who always give me the strength when I'm down, when I cry, when I feel vulnerable. She is always there to comfort me in times of my loneliness, my sickness, and when I'm weak. Although she may not be able to read this, deep in my heart I will always love her for the rest of my life. Words are not enough to describe my gratitude to her for being our mother. Thank God for giving this Mother to our family.

I love you Nanay ....

Friday, December 29, 2017

One Night at SM Mall of Asia

Last night I was able to visit SM Mall of Asia to relax myself and roam around the mall. Still many people are present and busy buying things in preparation for the coming new year celebration.  You can see many children around together with their parents enjoying the beautiful displays at the mall. Just seeing these children and people with their happy faces makes me forget the difficulties of life for a while. Below are some pictures I had taken and it's nice to show how this evening is colorful and stress free.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Blessed Christmas

I would like to greet all Christians around the world a blessed Christmas. Every year we celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. In the Philippines, this special occasion is celebrated by Catholics with gift giving, attending mass, get together and bonding of family, and most especially sharing love and kindness to the needy by giving gifts, food, toys, clothes, and grocery items. This is already a tradition for Filipinos and every year this festive mood is evident at every shopping malls around the country. Everybody is enjoying themselves shopping, eating, and buying things they needed during Christmas.