Monday, June 16, 2008


Today, June 15 is Father's Day. I called my Father this morning to greet him and I was so lucky that he was there in our house to answer the phone. He was very happy then to hear my voice and I'm very glad about it. Honestly, I was not closed to my father as what I used to be with my mother. But as years passed by, my longing for him begins to be intense. There is a deep emotion from me that I want to share it with him. Maybe because I had not shown him any affection whatsoever when we were together when I'm in the Philippines. There are times my father and I had differences and arguments. I believed thats a normal process between a father and son relationship. I had realized that I'm lucky that my father is still alive giving me a very good reason to stay strong in the midst of my own life in Saudi Arabia. He is there to adviced me to take care of myself, to remind me to thank God for all the blessings his giving me and remind me to pray at all times and be patient in life. After all, my father is still my father no matter what. He is the foundation of our family and he is the provider of our needs during our younger years. He might not be a perfect father, but I considered him the best I've ever got. I missed him so much.
Father, you made me strong
Your words are my strength during my loneliness
You give me hope and guided me
In my life in the desert which is solitary
You had inspired me to endure inspite of difficulty.

Father, I' am very sorry
For all the things that I made you angry
During our arguments I had spoken to you badly
I realized that you are right to tell me
The good side of life I need to follow patiently.
Father, I still remember those happy days

When I was young, we used to hop and play

Every Sunday you bring us to church and pray

We eat at a kiosk with lots of food on the tray

Till we end up full and tired, then sleep all day.

Father, you will always be in my heart

Like my mother you are a special person on earth

I will take care of you until your last breathe

I will give you my time to catch up our lost bonding

You will never regret your life because its enduring.

Father, I wish you well

Take care of yourself and always be agile

I know your an athletic person up to this day

Who constantly walk and run in every way

Father, take good of yourself ... and always take care!

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