Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Magic of Perfume

The fragrance of a perfume makes me crazy. I can never live my life without wearing it. If there is something fetish that I would consider, it is all about perfume. Since I started collecting perfumes (expensive ones) my life was never the same again. People would asked me several times what’s the name of my perfume I’m wearing. They are mesmerized by the aura and the distinctive scent of it. No matter what, it’s a confidence booster for myself because I’am being noticed. If money makes the whole world go round, for me, perfume makes my whole world go crazy! There is something mysterious about it, a potion so magical you cannot resist, that’s why I kept wearing them for long.

JOOP Go! By Wolfgang Joop – How could I resist wearing this eau de toilette natural spray wherever I go? Joop Go is my number one list of my perfume collection (the fact I bought two 100 ml bottle for a price of 210 SR each (56 Dollars). Back in 1998, I was using Joop Homme and still the fragrance lingers on my mind. Now that Wolfgang Joop introduces his new line of Joop natural spray, I can say Joop Go is irresistible and awesome. I certainly agree that Joop Go is the best smelling fragrance of Wolfgang Joop. The fragrance of oranges and berries, these two smells blend together to create a fresh smelling fragrance that is both woody and light in stages. Joop Go was marketed as a summery fruity fragrance that is very versatile and sweet smelling. I believe this perfume has the kind of smell at the right time at any time of the year which is a great thing to have about fragrance. The fragrance has a long lasting smell (imagine working at 7:00 am to 4:30 pm) and the fragrance is still there even after my shower at 9:00 pm. The bottle is attractive and it is also stylish. The box is metallic green which is also attention getter. It is pleasing to the eyes I swear.

Tommy Hilfiger Cologne Spray (100 ml) - The cologne is a wonderful scent. I bought this cologne for a price of 250 Riyals (67 Dollars) with a Backpack gift which eventually I gave to my favourite brother Raynold. I was using this cologne for 3 years now and the smell is sensational. I remember one of my officemates who always asked me what perfume I wear and he couldn’t resist to embraced me because of the freshness and wonderful scent it has.

For a starter, the cologne is a tangy citrus, cranberry and cinnamon apple pie scent, a warm and comfortable fragrance and it is recommended for daytime lasting for 6 to 10 hours.

Cool Water by Davidoff – Actually this cologne was a birthday gift to me. The first time I wear it, my sister asked me what perfume I’m wearing. She just love it. When I came back from my vacation she told me to buy one for her. To make the story short, I bought her one and I started using it as often as I can. Cool Water is an amazing fragrance plus so crisp and fresh. Like other colognes and perfumes, it stays with me all through the day and received many compliments. Cool Water cologne is a nice casual fragrance best suited for warmer weather which the brand name suggests. Cool Water for hot weather.

DUNHILL Fresh for Men (100 ml) Eau de Toilette – Irresistible, fresh, masculine, nice, clean and powerful scent! Dunhill fresh is really a knockout perfume for me. This perfume is also on the top of my list. I got plenty of compliments about how great I smell, from my colleagues and strangers. They seems to be magically attached to this perfume that they ask me what perfume I wear. I love this Dunhill Fresh. I always wear it whenever I go, ordinary days or for special occasion. I may say that it is not overpowering yet still strong, really fresh and very manly. Bought this perfume for SR 254 at Gazzaz.

For a starter, the fragrance announces itself with crisp and clean overtones, blending a refined character with a lasting impression of basil, freesia and green notes. Unexpected zesty, invigorating elements follow, stimulating and rejuvenating the senses with violet, watery floral, and orris. Sparkling, transparent notes clear the mind: infuse it with cool, calm freshness of cedarwood, a woody leather accord, amber, coumarin, and patchouli. The cool aqua color gives an immediate visual impression of irresistible refreshment.

Acqua de Gio by Giorgio Armani (100 ml) – I bought this perfume for a price of 275 Saudi Riyals (73 Dollars) at Gazzaz, one of the leading perfume store in Saudi Arabia. Acqua de Gio is one of my favourite perfumes. The first time I sprayed it on my body, I’ m already in love with this fragrance. I always received good compliments on how good I smell. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser . It is strong enough for people to smell from a distance and lasts pretty long. It’s one of the best, an awesome one!

For a starter, Acqua de Gio blends fresh note of melon and pear with an armful of hyacinth, jasmine, rose and lily. At the base, a wake of musk and sandalwood caress the senses with sensuality and serenity. Acqua de Gio is crisp and cool, it’s a bracing oceanic fragrance for men.

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