Monday, June 09, 2008


As the wind blows kissing my face
I remember our days when we were together
Your soft touch and sweet caress
Keeps me tender to my longing sadness

As time goes by I’m missing you so much
The laughter, the joy that we share through times
I cherish those moments and lingers on my mind
How could I forget it, you become part of my life

When I look around in the midst of a rainy day
I always catch a glimpse of your endearing face
The times when we are soak to the wet weather
Together we take the pleasure like a small child’s play

As we jointly grace in a Wednesday mass
Praying for a request that we never be apart
The essence of love that we share at the moment
Be blessed by his caring and nurturing hands

Although we are miles away
We never forget each others path
As if we are near to each further life
Because of the messages that you convey to my mind

So far but nearly yet
The essence of love grows more and alive
Even the absence of a physical divine
Will endure forever through the test of time

(to Violy)

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