Thursday, June 05, 2008


Everyday, I see people around me
Walking so fast, they don't care of my situation
Talking so loud, they won't listen to my position
They care about themselves but not of my condition.

Everyday, I feel grief about my nation
Violence, greed, and lots of corruption
That is widespread and without compassion
Even in the streets of realization

Everyday, I hear different kind of sounds
That creates inflection of expressive emotions
Sound of silence and sound of laughter
That clings on this world that cater

Everyday, is a world of fascination
Dreams that hold on to my imagination
Colors of living, colors of existence
Transcending in the course of life

Everyday, I wish I could be there
In a celestial state, that is free of worry
In a state of enjoying my personal freedom
Without restrictions and domination

Everyday, is a wonderful life
A process of learning, a process of education
To live in accordance with one's definition
And to share the force of mutual affection.

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