Sunday, February 07, 2016

In the Lonely Hour

It's been a week now that I had been in the country.  I had already adjusted to our Philippine time. During my first five days, I had sleepless nights and would woke up 1 am in the morning.  It's very difficult for me to adjust my sleeping hours especially if the time zone of the country where you came from is 5 hours behind the Philippine time.  Somehow, last night I was able to sleep well.  Yesterday, me and my son went to SM Mall of Asia for some shopping and bonding.  I bought him a new Nike shoes, 4 pieces of Bench towels, and a hoodie from Folded & Hung.  He was very happy for that and he deserves that presents because he is doing very good on his studies lately. Aside from that, we ate together at the California Pizza Kitchen for our lunch.  We went to AstroPlus Video and Music store to buy the CD of Sam Smith "In the Lonely Hour".  I really want to get this CD in Saudi Arabia but it was not available. I started to play the CD on my laptop last night and enjoyed listening especially my favorite songs "Stay With Me", "I'm Not the Only One", "Lay Me Down", the danceable "Money On My Mind", the catchy "La, La, La" and "Restart". It's ironic that the title of the album is somewhat related to my present disposition during my rest and recreation, in the lonely hour.



  1. Awh :) I love sam smith too! BTW Welcome back to the Phils :) Mabuhay!

    1. Many thanks Simon! I can relate to Sam Smith songs which are all about sadness, pain, and frustration about love. Once in our life we experience many sad things, of being alone, of not being love. But I hope I will be happy soon.