Thursday, May 21, 2009

Son of the Night (Hijo de Noche)

From flesh to flesh
You got what you want
The unwavering satisfaction is high
You endures the test of time

Creating your own world
To adore you and worship your body
The carnal desires you enjoy
A price someday you will regret

Your soul is not for sale
This is God’s gift for you to take care
A soul that is meant to be pure
Not for everybody’s to treasure

The finest of the night is yours
Because you make others happy
In return for a big sum of money
That gives you the power to carry

You are called the Son of the Night
You trade your innocent soul in the dark
You justify your means, and believing it to be right
As if there’s no end to the bright side of life

Have you ever realize the transgression?
That you had desecrated in the eyes of our Creator
The decision is yours to change
Repent, take the chance to embrace the goodness of life

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