Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Great Manny Pacquiao

I was never been a fan of Manny Pacquiao (although he is a national pride of our country). Nor do I seldom watch a boxing game at my own will, unless someone will persuade me (I despised seeing blood coming out of the boxers face and the punches they hurled to each other, it makes me puke). Until my officemates convinced me to watch the fight of Manny Pacquiao with Ricky Hatton this morning at the Internet room, I now became a fan of Pacman as what they called him. Suddenly, my doubt was erased as I was amazed and stunned how Pacman demolished and destroyed the current IBO light welterweight champion in just 2 rounds with an amazing and deadly left hook that took the Englishmen flattened on the ring and was hospitalized.

It was indeed a glorious moment for every single Filipino watching Manny Pacquiao winning this match. I myself cannot explain this enormous pride. For me, Manny symbolizes greatness in his sport, greater than Muhammad Ali as what Bob Arun emphasized. He is the greatest boxer alive, pound for pound, no doubt! Congratulations Manny, you really makes us proud as a Filipino. From now on, I will be one of your legion and million fans around the world. The greatness in you will forever be recorded in the history of sports. You are "The Great Manny Pacquiao".

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  1. He's indeed a good boxer, just hoping he does not run for any gov't post :(