Sunday, December 14, 2008

11:00 AM

“Though you cannot see the outcome. Trust the Lord – He knows what’s best; Be assured He sees your trial, And He’s with you in your test” -Hess-

Exactly 11:00 am in the morning of a cold December, forty five years ago, a healthy child was born by a loving and caring mother from the city of Mandaluyong. 11:00 am the cry of a new born baby gave a new life and hope for a simple yet hardworking family. The child was nurtured by his parents to be a good, bright and brave individual. He attended his primary school with his brother and sister at San Felipe Neri Parochial School in Mandaluyong and continued to finished elementary school in Manila after their family transferred to Calolocan City. There the child became a consistent honor student, eventually graduating as a Model Student and With Honors. He continued to study at Torres High School, became a consistent honor student, Literary Editor of the school newspaper, an orator and declaimer, and an active member of the Student Catholic Action (SCA). He was very active as a writer, writing poems and essays, and two of his poems were published by MOD magazine. Dreaming to become a journalist, he was persuaded by his parents to abandon his plans because there’s no money for this profession. After his high school graduation, he passed the entrance examination at Pamantansan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila), an elite school for scholars where students are practically called “Scholar ng Bayan” (Scholar of the State). He finished college with flying colors earning his Bachelors degree in Business Administration major in Management. He became an employee of a medium scale sales company in Makati and Mandaluyong City for eight years. After the Gulf war ended in 1992, he along with a co-employee decided to apply in an agency in Makati looking for male secretary/clerk in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Luckily, after one week he received a telegram requesting him to report for medical examination, eventually hiring him as a secretary in Saudi Arabia. This was the start of the good things that happened to him working hard for many years away from his family. Along with his job in the Middle East, he never forget to write poems and essays every now and then. He helped his parents financially in sending younger brother and sisters to school. He continued to worked hard and transferred to Vinnell Arabia Corporation (an American contractor training the Saudi Arabian National Guard) as Admin Specialist. He worked then for five years. Looking for a more challenging job, he finished his contract with Vinnell and was hired as a Technical/Admin Staff for Middle East Battery Company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. For eleven years he dedicated himself to his work and was then promoted as Coordinator/Secretary. It was indeed a story of success, patience and perseverance to attain such goals. During this period of his employment, he was able to purchased a house and lot, a parcel of land, and able to helped his parents. He is sending one of his nephew to school and continued his unconditional support to his family. Along with his success, he never forgets his passion for writing poems with a wide and interesting themes such as love, loneliness, war, peace, religion, family, patience, man, woman, and so on.

After forty five years of existence, this child who was born exactly 11:00 am on that peaceful morning is now a fulfilled and successful man. On this day of December 14, he is thanking God for all the blessings he received not only for him as well for his family. He will never forget the very day of his existence on this earth for God has given this precious life to him. Wishing that for years to come, he will still be able to serve and help his family, to have a healthy and peaceful life.

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