Monday, October 27, 2008

Wish I Could

Lots of pain and loneliness
This life of mine seems meaningless
Nobody cares, nobody dares
Wish I could have your happiness

Alone in the park, waiting for someone
Whom I can talk and partake my dreams
To share my feelings, my innermost thoughts
To listen with me and my life's history

Wish I could have all the key, of life's beautiful story
So I can live my life without to worry
To hold your hands and give me sympathy
Embrace my wholeness and warm my body

Wish I could be with you forever
So I will never cry and surrender
Someone I can love and be together
Until I die and at the end of time

Wish I could reach the rainbows end
So I can find the pot of joy that is God's send
The joy I'm longing to be with me
Forever and ever in a lifetime journey

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