Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Successful Man

Here is a story worth reading for. This was e-mailed to me by a good friend and since then I was amazed and proud to tell that I agree with the authors point of view with regards to the subject matter. The story is straightforward and frank with no pretentions. I always believe in the essence of a man measured not by his masculinity or virility, but the reputation he built during his lifetime that makes him respected and valued. As what the author emphasized, success lies on individual’s happiness and I truly agree with him. I therefore acknowledged his opinion regarding this matter. Whoever the author of this short essay, I salute him with his definitive frankness. I would like to share his thoughts through my blog so others might have an idea of what a successful man is.

He may be a business tycoon, political figure or from a prominent and influential family – he’s successful. But it doesn’t really matter your economic, professional and social status. At the end of the day, it is the character and value that will matter most. Success doesn’t mean the power, title, and fame. A man is not rich and multi-awarded person but he can say life has been practically okay – it’s success. When he earned the respect of the intelligent and righteous people, when he got the love of the innocent children – he is successful. When he left the world better than when he found it, either by an improved idea, sweet poem and song or a rescued soul, he is successful.

It is not even the marriage and children that can call you successful. Parenthood is a matter of choice. Having children and being a family man doesn’t weight more determination, perseverance and inspiration to succeed. It’s a matter of responsibility. Whether you’re happily married or unmarried by choice, the sense of responsibility makes the difference. A childless old man is better than a young father of great number of offspring who can not perform the obligations and responsibilities for his children’s welfare. The true measure of a man is not his masculinity, virility, vigor and being valiant. The stand of a man is the reputation he built during his life that makes him respected.

Success lies on individual’s happiness. As long as you are contented and enjoying the peace of mind, you are indeed happy – you are successful. You don’t have million dollar properties but you are happy with what you have – it’s success. Success is not wealth – it’s contentment. You’re not in any position but in your humble contribution as good citizen make you important in the community - then you are successful. Success is not popularity, it’s legacy.

If you value word of honor and conviction, you have no difference with the successful people. It is the honor that you built and duties you performed that will make you a man. It is better to be innocent than corrupted. The essence of a man is the life he lived that he will be best remembered when he died – these are the meaning of successful man.

Moral Story: Having no child is not failure. And so with being indigent. Success can measure in your happiness. As long as you have peace of mind - you are successful.

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