Monday, September 01, 2008

September Forever

Songs and poems are written about September
What is so special for this month to remember
Is this the beginning to celebrate the winter
And enjoy the alluring of the enjoyable weather

"September in the Rain" sang by the Beatles
"September Songs" sang by Kurt Weill
"September" sang by Earth, Wind and Fire
"September Mourn" sang by Neil Diamond
Are songs dedicated to this month of evermore

September is a season full of meaning
Sapphire is the birthstone that is so enticing
Morning Glory is the flower month of caring
September, September you are so appealing

In September rainy days and gentle breeze are here
The cold and windy morning intertwines together
Dew drops, fresh air around and the blooming flowers
A sight to behold to the eyes of lovers

September is here to stay forever
That brings answer to our everyday prayers
So mystifying, inexplicable and bewilder
A prelude for celebration until the time of December

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