Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When Heaven Comes To Earth

As I was browsing the internet for the past week, the conflict between Russia and Georgia was on the headline. Even in the news from BBC or CNN, the situation on both countries are significantly on the top of news broadcast side by side on the ongoing Beijing Olympics. This reminds me of the conflict during the 90s of Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia) and Bosnia Herzegovina (the breakaway republic of Yugoslavia). The horrors and genocide of that war still lingers on my mind. It was horrific and unimaginable. Whenever I saw the pictures of the dead people and stories about torture and rape, I cannot wonder why these things could happened. How human beings could inflict such ungodly behavior to fellow human beings in the name of religion, nationalistic pride or whatever. Needless to say, people should think of peaceful means and not intimidation to resolve an issue. It is the civilian population who are being affected whenever war is being impose, the innocent children and the elderly ones who are helpless during the conflict. My message is very clear, and I believe that this is universally accepted that we need peace not war during this time.

I had written about the conflict of Russia and Georgia because I had accidentally found an old poem I had written way back 1995 during the conflict at Yugoslavia. Actually, it was included on my supposed collection of poems that I planned to publish for a book (I’m still searching for a publisher who is interested to finance it). Hence, it is only now I will publish the poem on this blog, about the war in Yugoslavia during that time. I hope and pray that the conflict in Russia and Georgia would stop but also in other countries who are experiencing the same situation. All we need is to live in peace and harmony, to live without fear, and free from oppression. I'm dedicating this poem to the people of Georgia and to my fellow brothers in Mindanao, especially in Lanao who were relentlessly attacked by rouge, renegade and disoriented people. I still believe that the power of God will stop this war .......

When Heaven Comes to Earth

The nights of Grozny are filled of fire
That blazes upons skin which nevers decline
The littered dead bodies in the streets are lined
Will never be forgotten in one man's eyes

The wrath of scourge had not one enough ....

In Bosnia you can hear the cries and anguish
Of mothers longing to her childs vanguish
The rape of the flesh, the pain of the mind
Is a picture of ones earth, and pillar of its kind

The wrath of scourge had not one enough .....

When the birds prey are seen to the world
The blood of innocence are bound to be called
The thirsty that craves in the midst of the cold
Will grace upon man's imagination and thoughts

The vivid slaughter and deprivation to exist
Had been shown to the world and no one had resist
Bloodsheds and killings because of every man's faith
Is the scheme of everyone that has to be played

The heaven's of earth are full of tears
Crying for the dead, weeping for the less
Seeking for an answer that has to be relish
That never cease to flow till it has to bear

When heaven comes to earth
The singing and dancing has to be started
Man's folly to forget is not a bliss
Reasons of ignorance is not the road for peace

Stop the killings, heaven is nearing on earth

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