Friday, August 22, 2008

A Man's Plea to Serenity

Down through the alley of darkness
I found nothing but isolation
With total silence and confusion
I reach to get out of this man's subjugation

With nowhere to go, no one to rely on
Man will never perceive the picture of peace
With everybody's mind is domination
To kill and slaughter each other

Why is religion a factor of war
Does anybody realize that there is only one creator
Why we cannot settle those differences
And live with peace, till next generation

Why don't we forget the bitter past of disagreement
Heal the wounds of hatred, and free the generous heart
Why everybody's fooling around to get even
In destroying the essence of humankind

We live to love life, we live just that
Are we not afraid of our divine God
For he is the creator, he can ruin us
Why we cannot cherish his sole gift to human race

My brothers, my sisters on earth
I'm begging you to value the souls of birth
We are here to live in peace
Not to fight and destroy each race

Stop the killings and halt the slaughter
Our children will never see the beauty of life
They will never endure the essence of forever
If we continue to fight one another

God, help us to reach your kingdom!

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