Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jian Axel Sisig Station

Yesterday I went to SM City Molino to get rid of my boredom at home.  As I roamed around the mall, I felt hungry and went straight to SM Hypermarket where you can find those stalls selling quick meals and juices.  I was curious to check this Sisig Station and tried their pork sisig with rice which is very affordable. Believe me, the meal is yummy and delicious, added with seasoned chili peppers and calamansi.  In the end, I ordered another box to satisfy my cravings. For sure, I will come back again to try another menu. 

Jian Axel SISIG Station

Pork Sisig with Rice - Yummy and Delicious


  1. Wow! Putok batok though i would like to have a taste, it's been a while since i havent tasted sisig. :)


    1. Hello Steve, why not try it and you will be not be disappointed, but only in moderation, at least twice a month, hehehe.