Monday, April 10, 2017

Halo-Halo Jubilee (Pancake House)

PAG-ASA has just announced the start of summer season.  This is true because we can feel already the scorching heat of the sun whenever we go outside our house.  Sometimes the weather is unbearable so it is better to bring an umbrella, cap, and hat for protection. Some experts advise to use sunscreen to protect our skin from UVA. Everybody is excited to go to the beach and resorts to heave a sigh of relief of the heat.  For me, the best thing to do during this summer season is to go to the malls, enjoy the free centralized aircondition, and relish eating my favorite halo-halo.  To satisfy my cravings, I was able to try to eat the mouth watering Halo-Halo Jubilee of Pancake House with an ice cream on top of it served on a bowl.  Believe me, the dessert was so good and yummy and here is the jubilee special of Pancake House.


  1. I love this. Most fave sangkap in it is the monggo at saging.

  2. Hi Lili, this is the best part during the summer season in the Philippines. "Halo-halo" as a dessert are selling like hotcakes in every fast food restaurant. Actually all the sangkap of halo-halo are my favorite, ubos lahat.