Saturday, March 05, 2016

Sojourn At Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine

This is my 3rd visit at Kamay ni Hesus Shrine at Lucban, Quezon last March 03, 2016.  This time its a solo trip so I bring my selfie stick to take some photo session by myself and my Nikon D5100 digital camera.  I am delighted that every time I went to the shrine, there was a drizzle (light shower of rain) at the vicinity. I always believe that Jesus is always guiding me whenever I went here to visit the church because it will give me the comfort to stay here without experiencing the blazing heat of the sun especially when you started climbing the more than 250 steps going to the 50 foot statue of the Ascending Christ. This place is so special to my heart because you can find solace and peace of mind whenever you reach the top. There is unexplainable feeling after you spend sometime at the top of the shrine where you can see below the vast greenery of the place and overlooking the town of Lucban.  I had noticed that there are some development and changes that was added at Kamay ni Hesus shrine area.  At the right side of the entrance, you will noticed that they constructed a miniature mountain with waterfalls, and statutes of Jesus Christ and Mary, including the Last Supper, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the baptism of Jesus by John, and other religious murals. Aside from the statutes, you will be delighted to see different species of flora around the area. It is worth remembering to visit again the shrine and truly a rewarding experience. This time I took more than 100 photos of the area but I will only post some which are worth sharing for.


  1. Hindi pa ako nakapunta dito and I am looking forward to visiting this place soon. You are very generous in sharing photos. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your message my friend. Try visiting the place between January and February where you can find the weather so accommodating and not crowded. Kamay ni Jesus is a place where you can find solace and peace of mind. It is like a piece of heaven in this troubled world. God bless.