Friday, August 28, 2015

iPad Mini

It's salary time and I was able to buy a new iPad mini (with Wi-Fi and cellular version) with 16GB RAM which is on sale at Lulu Hypermarket. The price is affordable which is 1299 riyals from the original 1699 riyals, so I was able to save 400 riyals on my wallet.  I decided to buy this iPad mini because I'm not satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which I bought last May.  Although Tab 4 is really a fast and reliable tablet and fits at the back of my jeans pocket, the battery life is short which I need to charge everyday. Compared to iPad Mini's battery, it takes me 2 days of using it after I had to charge it.  This is really a plus and a big advantage when it comes to Apple products such as the iPhones and iPad. The battery life is long. Although this is the first version of the iPad mini which was launch last November 2012, it is popular to most of the expatriates here in Saudi Arabia because of its affordable price, and since the price of iPad Mini 3 is still very expensive, why not buy an iPad mini which comes with almost the same specs of the version 3.  The iPad Mini has a 5 megapixel primary and autofocus camera and a 1.2 megapixel secondary camera. Size is 7.9 inches with a 768 x 1024 pixels (~162 ppi pixel density). I was able to upgrade the operating system from iOS 6 to iOS 8.4 without a hitch. I bought also an iPad Mini Smart Case to protect the unit from scratches.


  1. wow. Cool keep indeed. May this be useful for you! In my case, i felt that i also needed to buy this as i have to use this as an alternative for my music sheets.

    1. Thanks stevevhan. Right now I'm enjoying using my new iPad mini especially during my breaktime in the office. Such a wonderful and cool gadget!