Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kamay Ni Jesus

50-foot Statue of Kamay ni Jesus
One of my plans during my vacation is to visit again Kamay Ni Jesus Healing Church and Via Dolorosa Grotto at Lucban, Quezon. I had been at Kamay ni Jesus (Hands of Jesus) last 2010, but that was not a planned trip because I was only invited by my college classmate who is also on vacation to come with her that day.  This time everything went smooth as per the plan and we had a chance to attend the Saturday mass (January 18) at 9:30 am with Rev. Father Joey Faller, the founder of the church. 
Actually, we arrived at 10:30 am at the church on Friday (January 17) and offered our prayers for about 30 minutes.  Unfortunately, rain started to fall when we are about to climb the 310 steps going to the top of the 50-foot statue of Kamay ni Jesus.  Luckily, my companion brought his umbrella and we continued to climb and take pictures as we stop on each life size statues of the 14 station of the cross leading to the statue of Kamay ni Jesus.  We did not mind the rain until we reach the top.  Surprisingly, we are only four people who reached the top. One couple was there taking pictures, me and my companion.  We take a rest for a while with the umbrella protecting us from the rain. We decided to go down after 30 minutes while the rain did not stop.  We ate at one of the restaurant at the vicinity of Kamay ni Jesus Church.  After that, we went to Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel just across the Church for an overnight stay. I would like to share some of the pictures I took during our trip.


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