Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today is your very special day
Seven years you make us proud in so many ways
You are special because you are an excellent child
With a mind of an adult so sharp and so brilliant.

You are full of life and playful
Enjoying your time with your fellow playmates
You lead them to enjoy those precious time
Running and playing like there's no end for the night.

You are so warm and so sweet
You never forget to say "good morning" to your mom
You hug her so tight because she is your only guide
When you grow up, give her the love she had rendered to your life.

You are so thoughtful you never forget to say hello
Whenever I call and talk to you
The loneliness in my heart seems to fade
You're my inspiration wherever I go.

Raven, you make our world so joyful
In the family you are so adorable
In times of despair you make us happy
Sharing your own wit and humor our day is very lucky.

I stand as your second father, my son
My only wish for you is to continue your good behavior
Keep your studies as your high priority
Always pray to God and go to church constantly.

Remember this my son, my dear loving son
I will always support you whatever your endeavor
As you grow up you will understand this life
A life that is precious, full of colors, and very bright.

(This poem is dedicated to my loving son, Raven on his 7th birthday last September 26. Although the piece is supposed to be published last September at the time of his birthday, it is only now that I finally completed the poem. Nevertheless, its worth waiting for, and the poem is an inspiration for me).

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