Sunday, July 27, 2008


After the rain, a rainbow appears
That mystifies the nature of different hues
At the end of its point is a pot of gold
It creates a mystery that has long been told.

The scent of a perfume that rouse constantly
So magical and remains a mystery
Creating a potion that is irresistibly
That captures the senses of everybody

Songs that creates joy and pleasure
It brings contentment to our inner soul
A wonderful emotion, full of composure
So difficult to describe, thus unexplainable

The sun that kisses to the coldness of the sea
The waves dancing to the flow of glee
It amazes the stillness and tranquility
In the vast ocean of serenity

The mountains, the spring, and the valley
Is a sight to behold on its lush greenery
So marvelous that anyone can see
The creation of divinity will forever a mystery

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