Friday, May 18, 2007

Live Life to the Fullest

I had been through a lot from bad times to good times. Nevertheless I was able to survive in a nick of time because of my perseverance to live life to the fullest. Life isn’t easy at all. We are born to accept the challenge of living alone, living with others, and interact to the forces of nature. I was able to love once and was not successful as I thought. I gave everything the love and understanding to that person but unfortunately it was not enough to her expectations. In life, we stumble many adversities. From childhood to puberty, to middle age and even on our twilight years we will have hard times to tackle. Pains, heartaches, emotional distress. These are only few sufferings that I had gone through. In spite of these obstacles, my family was able to support me to survive. The foundation of a good family was the key to my very existence. They are there at my side to continue my struggle. The struggle to move on and the struggle to love again. I was able to cope with it gradually and successfully. The will, the perseverance to live, and prayers which turned me to be near to our Creator again. Prayers can do a lot. For me it’s sacred to my religiosity, an extension of my spirituality. Upon struggling to cope with the hardships of life, I pray a lot, a lot which I can imagine. It gives me the inner peace that I need. The peace of mind and the freedom of my body from negative urges. To live is to give everything. Live as if tomorrow may never come again. We may not know what will happen to the very minute of this moment. Spend more quality time to your love ones especially your family. Spend more time in doing good deeds to others. Spend more time sharing your thoughts and feelings to your friends. Spend more time to live happily and without fear. Go to the beach and watch the beauty of the sunset, the serenity of the sea. Go to the mountains and see the wonders of nature. Go to places where you have never been before because you can see the difference of meeting a new place and its people. Spend sometime of being alone because it’s a chance to reflect on yourself. Pray a lot because God will listen to you no matter what, even if it takes time for him to give you an answer. These are many reasons why we need to live life to the fullest, to accept it, to spend it and to move with it.

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