Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer Rendezvous

The scorching sun that touches my skin
A solace for the past winter cold wind
The waving sea ashore is yearning me to swim
As the summer spell approaches its whim

Oh what a sight of comfort and cheer
As people goes by the pristine water of the beach
To relieve the scorch of this summer heat
Relish the fun of outdoor beat

Others sips the beer, others grills the beef
Boys plays the sand, young girls sing and dance
Lovers stroll around with each others hands
And whisper sweet nothings that make them abound

Others eat and drink, others sleep and rest
To forget the obstructions of the city jungle
Enjoying the days break, a once in a lifetime experience
Summer is forever here, and the world is at trance

This is my summer rendezvous!

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