Sunday, May 14, 2017

Simply Lemon

Summer heat these days are a bit too much. Many people are flocking to the malls to ease the sweltering temperature outside. One reason I kept coming back at SM malls are those small kiosks that sells cold drinks to relieve my thirst and avoid dehydration. For this reason, I always buy this large size lemonade worth 55 pesos at Simply Lemon. Yes, people are lining up to this kiosk simply because a fresh squeezed lemon with syrup plus ice is shaken before it will be transferred to your large or medium size cup. Believe me, it is so refreshing and delicious. I recommend this to all because aside from being thirst quenching, lemon juice or lemon water has lots of health benefits. It is a source of vitamin c, it aids digestion, it also help prevents kidney stone, it promotes a healthy skin, and it helps weight loss. So try to visit Simply Lemon and try their fresh lemon juice.


  1. grabe ang pag endorse mo :) But yeah because of the hot weather lately I have been starting to crave on a lot of cold drinks.

  2. Hehehe, okay naman siya eh. I kept buying at simply lemon whenever I drop by at SM malls. Kung baga, hinahanap ko na siya, ang sarap kasi. They deserved my endorsement:):):)