Monday, February 27, 2017

The Beautiful and Captivating Laguna

It was a beautiful day last Saturday, February 18, 2017 when my former officemates from Uptown invited me to Sta. Cruz, Laguna for a sort of mini reunion.  It was actually my Kumare who invited me who is a resident of the place.  After we had eaten our snack at their house, we decided to go first to Liliw, Laguna and went on shopping for slippers where "Tsinelas Festival" is famous. This is my first time in Liliw, Laguna and we had enjoyed shopping for slippers, shoes, belts, and other pasalubong we had bought.


After our shopping and visited Liliw Laguna, we decided to eat our lunch at Calle Arco at Pagsanjan, Laguna. The restaurant is famous in Pagsanjan and we were lucky enough to have a vacant table for our group.   We were served by a set of sumptuous Filipino dish like crispy pata, sinigang na baboy, sweet and sour pla-pla, pinakbet, etc.  The food was delicious and we were able to finished our lunch with gusto or satisfaction.

After our lunch, we decided to go to our destination at Caliraya, Lumban, Laguna.  We need to trek the place through zig-zag roads from Pagsanjan.  It is a breathtaking journey because of the greenery and growing trees along the road and where you can view the vast Laguna Lake and the Windmills of Pililla, Rizal below the mountain.  We had reach our destination at Lagos Del Sol Resort Hotel within an hour after we made a stopover at the Japanese Garden.  The location is awesome, and I believe the place is a perfect destination for a weekend rendezvous were you can relax with your family, friends, or relatives. The resort is an alternative venue  for the rowdy, fast life, and polluted environment of Metro Manila.

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