Saturday, July 02, 2016

Popeyes Mashed Potatoe and Fried Chicken

Yesterday was my day-off from work.  After waking up 10:00 am in the morning I quickly prepare my breakfast and settled to do my laundry.  Since it's Ramadan and most of the shops and stores are closed in the daytime, I had to stay in my room, just browse the internet and watch movies.  Besides the scorching heat of the sun will totally drain your energy if you decided to go out of your comfort zone.  It is really very very hot during the summer season in Saudi Arabia.  During the night, I decided to have a walk and do some window shopping. Evening temperature is also very hot and I sweat a lot during my walk (my other way of exercise).  I decided to drop by at Popeyes to buy my favorite mashed potatoe and fried chicken. I was supposed to dine in but the place was already full of people so I decided to take out my order. Since I'm already exhausted and tired, I took a limousine ride from Corniche up to our place.  It was just a relief and I enjoyed my dinner with my favorite mashed potatoe and fried chicken, together with that cold and refreshing Barbican malt beverage.

 Popeyes Fried Chicken with Flaky Buttermilk Biscuit

My favorite Mashed Potatoe 


  1. I am craving for some fried chicken right now

    1. Hi Simon, go grab yourself one at KFC!