Saturday, April 09, 2016

New Notebook - ASUS X556U Intel Core i5

As part of my yearly gift to myself (company has just released our yearly bonus), I decided to buy a new laptop for my personal use.  This time I choose ASUS X series notebook.  Before I bought this brand, I asked several IT experts from our company which brand is the best in the market today.  Two of our programmers from IT department recommended ASUS because of its quality and service. Aside from this, ASUS X series is a fast laptop with all the latest technology.  I was not disappointed after two days of using it, my unit is absolutely fast especially when I'm browsing the internet. The sound is incredibly realistic with its Sonic Master sound.  Memory is 4GB RAM and the HDD is 500GB with Intel Core i5, and Windows 10 as its operating system. I choose the red color and bought also a wireless red mouse to compliment the unit. I believed ASUS is now making its strong presence felt in the competition of the best notebook in the market today.  Two thumbs up!


I love the red color

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  1. I also brought the same unit but color dark blue,the same date as yours. THUMBS up

    1. Congratulations Genesis! Until now I'm still enjoying using this unit. No headache, and the internet is so fast. I'm really grateful that this was recommended by our IT department personnel. Best regards.