Friday, December 04, 2015

Missing in December

After five years of going vacation every year in December, this is the first time I will skip to celebrate my Christmas and New Year. Actually,  I had my original plan to leave this December 5 but due to the long vacation extension of the Indian colleague in our department whom I'm relieving, I have to change my vacation plan early next year. I will be missing so much the camaraderie and spirit of Christmas season with my family and relatives this year.  For an OFW like me, Christmas and New Year is so special for me because this is the season I can enjoy my vacation with the family.  Bonding together like going to the mall, shopping together, eating and dining together in a special restaurant, and most of all celebrating Christmas together especially during Noche Buena and on the eve of the coming new year watching the fireworks outside our house are all the things I will be missing this year.  Anyway, I will just make up with my family during my vacation early next year.  But for sure, I will miss them so much.  I will try to make my Christmas happy here in the kingdom, alone. 

I will miss this one

This one

And the camaraderie

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