Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ramadan Kareem

I had been in Saudi Arabia for 23 years. During these years, I was one of the millions of OFW who respect and follow the rules of Saudi Arabia.  I had met and make friends with Saudis  especially to my colleagues and officemates in our company.  Saudis are friendly and kind people. Although we are different in our religion we always respect each others faith. One of the sacred month in Saudi Arabia is Ramadan, where our Muslim brothers and sisters observed the holy month with fasting practiced daily from sunrise to sunset.  Ramadan had started last June 18 and will probably end on July 17.  As a sign of respect to our Muslim brothers we always greet them Ramadan Kareem meaning a blessed Ramadan. In addition, non-Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink, or smoke in public as respect to the sacredness of Ramadan and the feelings of Muslims. During Ramadan, many people flock to hypermarkets, department stores, malls, and shops in the evening. Stores are open from 9PM up to 2AM. There are lots of sale items to offer from these malls, shops, and stores. Families are buying new clothes for their children, foods and groceries, some are buying new furniture, appliances, and personal gadgets. After Ramadan is Eid Al-Fitr, the religious holiday celebrated by the Muslims all over the world that marks the end of Ramadan. 




  1. Have a blessed Ramadan :)

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, I felt like I was able to visit a grocery in Saudi :)

    1. Thanks Zai! I hope someday you can work in Saudi Arabia so you will experience the hot and scorching weather here, hehehe! Love your article about pluviophile. I'm a lover of rain.

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