Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Summertime

I can feel the scorching heat outside our place.  I believe it's time to unwind and go to the beach to embrace the cold water and relieve this warm climate.  I missed so much the time when I was in the Philippines, especially during the summer season.  I love going to the beach especially walking on the long stretches of white sand and waiting for the sunset to come down.  We had always this company outing every summer going to the beautiful beaches of Batangas.  I had been to Lemery, Lobo (Gerthel Beach) , Calatagan, Matabungkay, and Anilao.  Aside from the playful but gentle waves and the refreshing strong sea breeze, these beaches are so enchanting that you keep coming back over and over again.  I know, people are now going to the famous beaches in the Philippines since its already vacation time for all schools and universities.  How I wish to be in my country relishing the refreshing and enjoyable summer time by going to these beaches.

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