Friday, July 12, 2013

iPad 4 - 4G LTE with WIFI

I'm becoming an Apple product fan.  A month ago I bought an iPhone 5 smartphone which until now I'm really enjoying to use it.  Since the beginning of Ramadan last July 10, shops and stores are attracting consumers especially gadget aficionados by having Ramadan sales of their products. I'm one of those gadget lovers who take advantage of this occasion.  So I bought a new iPad - 4G (16GB) to add to my numerous gadgets.  The new iPad 4 - 4G is amazingly faster and has a  good speed. Watching movies and videos on YouTube did not give me any problem, much that it did not buffer at all while movies are playing. In, addition the five megapixel rear camera takes sharp photos and the front "facetime" snapper has been improved to produce a less grainy image. One thing I really  like with the new iPad 4 is the retina screen which has the sharpest display.  It offers a lifelike high definition photos and its viewing angles are excellent.  The new iPad 4 is a little bit heavier than many of it's counterparts, which makes my hands easily get tires to hold it.  Overall, the new iPad 4 is an excellent tablet on the go.

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