Monday, November 30, 2009

Rest and Recreation

Eid Mubarak! The start of the holidays in Saudi Arabia is a welcome relief from my strenuous work for the past weeks and months. The weather is very conducive especially the winter season has started already. For the meantime, I will have the chance to organize my room again (as what I've being doing every year) and take time to free my mind from any worries and pressure from work. Watch movies and listening to my favorite music are the two things I'm gonna do this rest days. Actually, I started to walk every morning at the Corniche area and it seems many expatriates from different nationalities are enjoying the morning breeze. Some are busy with their fishing, some are enjoying their walk together with their friends, families bonding together with their children playing around the green grass along the park. Its a sight you will enjoy and relish. Holidays are opportunity for every people to enjoy and take time to do things that needed to be done. It is like a celebration of life to get away our mind from worry, stress, and pressures. Needless to say, it is a chance for us to take a long deep sleep which is one of the basics of taking a rest. To all the people who are enjoying the holidays in Saudi Arabia, each and everyone of us deserve this much needed break.

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