Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The World According to Ondoy (September 26 2009 Typhoon)

It was horrible

Unimaginable magnitude of raging water
Destroying properties and human beings
People crying, seeking for help
Helpless in a world Ondoy had offered us

Continuous rains lasting for six hours
First time in hundred years this was experienced
In our country devastated by the wrath of Ondoy
Somehow it was like a scene of biblical proportion

Houses were covered by running water
Residents stayed 24 hours on the rooftop
To keep safe from the strong currents of the tide
That will never be forgotten for a long long time

Hundreds and thousands of people left homeless
How can they recover from this devastation
I'm asking why should this happen in abruptness
In a country that faith to God is so intense.

After the continuous rain had subsided
Dead human beings were seen trap on trees and riverbanks
Streets and roads full of dirt and smelly mud
So heartbreaking and painstaking to understand.

Please God, give us enough time to recover
We pray that this will never happen again
We know that this is your way to remind us
To take care of mother nature.

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