Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Father

Today, we are celebrating Father's Day. An annual event that complements Mother's Day. Father's day is a day honoring our father. In every home, a father is considered the paternal protector and provider of a family. He is the foundation of every home. This morning I was able to call my father. Indeed, I missed him so much. He is a father I admired most for he was able to gave us the best education, discipline, and fatherhood to our family. As a tribute for his undying support for us, a fitting gift for him is a short poem which I had written especially for Father's day. I want him to know that my love will never change, as I do much for my mother.

Dear Father

When I was a child
You always kiss and hug me
Whenever I fall
You give me a helping hand
That gesture is something I would cherish
For the rest of my life
My admiration for you is unblemish

Father, you are dear to our family
You and mom are sources of our humility
You teach us the right path to civility
To be a better citizen of our country.

I'm very proud of you, Father
I'm grateful to God
For having you as a good provider
No matter life complicates us
You selflessly stand as our protector.

Father, I pray for your good health
I know, you are always an athlete of your time
Just take care of yourself
Wherever you are
As your dedicated son
My love for you will never die.

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