Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Night to Remember

Your endearing words are deeply true
That reminds me every night of you
Whenever we chat my worries are done
Just because it makes my world so calm
Alone in my room, imagining your face
I can recall it, each passing day
Your wit that makes my night so amaze
Like a contended child enjoying to play

It's a great pleasure that I had met you
My lonesome world had no other clue
That night I remember you say hello
A friendship had blossom out of the blue

Even so we are far apart
The nearness of our soul will become one
The finest part of our friendship has yet to come
That will test and challenge, until it was done

I consider it a night to remember
Because of you my existence became better
If the course of time will allow us forever
A great relationship is bound not to surrender

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